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Monday, August 1, 2011

Meeting Notes

We had a wonderful conference call over the weekend.

We both took notes.

Here are Maria's. I've added my comments (shading) to her notes so you could appreciate the depth of what we discussed.

It was an enjoyable and productive conversation.

We published a new newsletter (and tangle) last night. Read it here.

Click image for more details of what we talked about.  :-)


Carole Ohl said...

I can imagine the creative conversation of that phone call! Love the new Pendrills tangle (love the name, too) and can't wait to try it out today.

Kathy Redmond said...

Excellent collaborative effort :-) Thanks so much for the new tangle - it has been capturing my attention in Maria's work for a while - can't wait to use this one!

Lois Heinani Stokes said...

Love how a conversation can be held with patterns and without words. Picture this Zentangle moment: a candle ~ a glass of wine ~ the silence of ~ two people ~ tangling.

Shelly Beauch said...

Cheers to your wonderful deep and meaningful conversation. I am hooked on Pendrills already!

Cris@TangledUpInArt said...

How fun. You two are so tuned in to each other and work together so well. You are truly blessed. Thanks for the chuckle.