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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thanks, Synchronicities, Hoodies and Schedules

Thank you all for your support, messages and understanding while we attended to the passing of my mom. Services were yesterday and it was a beautiful blue sky day here. She would have loved it.

Synchronicities and Hoodies
Molly came by this morning to visit with Indy. Molly and Maria had randomly dressed exactly the same way with jeans, a grey vest and our long-sleeve light-weight Zentangle "hoodie." Indy, however, either didn't get the memo or chose to ignore it!

We'll be adding these hoodies to our store soon after our new website comes online. We made these for staff to wear at our recent CZT seminar and everyone wanted one, so were going make some. They're high quality bias-cut jersey with red and white printing.

Speaking of new websites, we've been working on our new website and although events delayed our schedule a bit, we're looking to go live next week. It wouldn't be a surprise if we discover some things that need fixing. So we ask in advance for your patience and also for your comments as you surf through it.

Again, thank you so much.


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Carole Ohl said...

What a great picture of 'the girls'! Nice to see their smiling faces, and to see your voice again. Here's to blue skies!

Love that hoodie and glad you are adding that to the line.

Zentangle said...

"THE GIRLS"???? m

i am the diva said...

lookin good ladies!!

Toni said...

GREAT picture! I don't think Indy could get ANY CUTER!!! Makes me smile every time I see her! And you and Molly look great too - as always! Maybe it's that incredibly cool hoodie! Can't wait to get one! Hope you all doing well! xo

Carole Ohl said...

maybe I should rephrase that:)

Lois Heinani Stokes said...

"Relax ~ Breathe ~ and Smile"
You are walking your talk. Thank you for sharing your smiles and your words of wisdom.

Joyce Block said...

Love the pictures. It is very good to see the three of you again. . . . and YES, I want a hoodie, too.

Heather Victoria Held said...

So sorry for your loss Rick!! Keeping your family in my thoughts and prayers and sending hugs from Canada.

Melanye Narcarti said...

So sorry to hear of your mom's passing, Rick. God Bless!

Hoodies said...

Does anyone know if these are available in 100% cotton?

Styx and Stones said...

My Zentangle Wishlist
I want of the hoodies! And I would love a black tank top... I could wear it under a jacket and alone...and a black baseball cap or Kangol cap as well... I don't ask for much...lol