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Monday, March 19, 2012

Tangle Hunting - Streets of NYC

While in New York City for the NAEA Convention, we had some time to walk around the streets of midtown Manhattan. We played our tourist role well as we walked slowly, enjoyed the warm day and took pictures. The only difference between us and the other tourists is that we were photographing patterns.

Here's a look at some of what was in our camera. Descriptions/comments are placed below the image.

Couch upholstery in hotel lobby

Looks a bit like punzel!

 It's from this sign

 Carpet pattern in the hotel elevator. Hints of mooka and fengle with an echo below in hollibaugh fashion.

Here's something to play with.

Chair seat and back give another inspiration to play with hollibaugh.

 We've hit "tangle gold"!

 How many tangles (names please!) can you see in this image?

How about this one?

 Or, this one?

 Here's a close-up of that last one. What a great rendition of ynot!

 This is interesting.

 Here's a view from a different angle. This could be fun.

 Patterns seem to be . . . well . . . everywhere.

 Love those circles!

 This might be interesting. Let's look closer . . .

 Lot's of possibilities to explore here.

I left this image full size. Sometimes it's easy to miss the inspiration that's all around us . . . particularly if it's in familiar surroundings.

All of these images were taken within about a block from the corner of 57th Street and Fifth Avenue in New York City.

Click images for larger views of possibilities.


Melanye said...

Oh, SO many tangles!! Amazing what is "out" there. I recognized a few of them.

Thanks for the photos of inspiration! Have a Grand day!

Jane Monk said...

Wow that is amazing ... I think if I lived there I would be so pre-occupied with the patterns, sights and ideas ... thanks for sharing.

Gunhild said...

Oh yes, "wow" is the correct term regarding those wonderful pictures. Thank you for sharing! And enjoy your time...

Diane Masloroff said...

It is amazing how we are surrounded with patterns from everywhere, past and present. I already have some idea's from your photo's. Thanks for sharing.

men suit said...

New York is famous and popular city in all over the world. Its rich and beautiful city. You share such Nice and gorgeous images share with us.

Christine said...

Wow! Thank you so much for this much needed lift and inspiration! I love your blog!!!

Shoshi said...

What a profusion of design everywhere... I adore the ivory objects d'art - could fill the house with such beautiful pieces! Repeating patterns are everywhere, if we only open our eyes and look.

What a great time you had!


Robin Gibson said...

Is the church St Thomas on 5th ave, attached to MoMA!?