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Monday, April 16, 2012


We recently received this email from Diane:
"I think that from this article, one can assert that learning Zentangle and doing it for extended periods of time is good for your health! Of course we know that already, but here is scientific ammunition."
Here are a couple excerpts to encourage you to read that fascinating article.
"Your mind may be the closest thing to the Holy Grail of longevity and happiness. Education has been widely documented by researchers as the single variable tied most directly to improved health and longevity. And when people are intensely engaged in doing and learning new things, their well-being and happiness can blossom.

"This effect becomes even more valuable as we get older. Even in old age, it turns out, our brains have more plasticity to adapt and help us than was once thought. Old dogs, in short, can learn a lot of new tricks."

"People who are intensely absorbed in a task can lose track of time and place. Hours pass like minutes. They may be tired by the task but emerge energized and happy. This condition is known as "flow," a name coined 30 years ago by psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi."

From the beginning, this was our intent for Zentangle. The Zentangle method and materials were designed to be a tool that supports easy and enjoyable access to flow with a side-effect of beautiful artistic creation.

And speaking of flow, here are some Zendalas that flowed from Maria's pen late last night (more like early this morning):

I couldn't resist framing these Zendalas in the abounding patterns of Spring! Notice the use of mooka in the first one and fengle and bronx cheer in the second one. (Yes, that bronx cheer was initially used for its intended purpose!)

Thank you for sending that article, Diane!

Click images for larger views of flow.


Judi said...

Both zendalas are beautiful and I love them being photographed among the spring flowers! Being in the "flow" sounds a lot like what we creatives also call "being in the zone". Either way, it's a great place to be!!

Zentangle said...

thanks Judi. m