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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Chariot of Tangles

Terri emails:
I am an artist and an athlete, inside my mind. The artist, thanks to Zentangle, is beginning to emerge and I am hoping the athlete is not far behind. I will blame two things for my delayed art emersion, a brother that wielded crayons like Picasso and an assortment of evil Spirograph toys. Each and every Spirograph I received over a span of birthdays had faulty pens. I don't believe I had success completing even one project.

Now, my faith in drawing has been renewed. Your simple to follow techniques have shown me that I can finish a project to be proud of. My husband loves my drawings . . . well, he did until I used his car as a canvas. Did you realize that Zentangle flames on a Dodge shadow are somewhat of a conversation starter?

I always knew approximately what part of town my husband was in because I'd receive texts that said, "Hey, I just saw your husband's car." A young man recently bought said car and digs the drawings.

I thank you for having the insight to put the instructions together and show a technique that can . . . 'one stroke at a time'. . . erase my fear of drawing as well as put my Spirograph ghosts behind me.


P.S. The hood is duct taped. My husband is a good sport. Maybe that is why he brought home another blank canvas, ummm I mean, white car.

Thanks, Terri!

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Suzanne said...

That's so cool! I can't believe you were willing to sell it, although the new blank canvas must have made it easier. What kind of ink did you use on the car?

quietone said...


Dante Mallet said...

That is definitely a good car marker! People will certainly know that it is your car based on the personal design and style. And making your car a canvas for an artwork is a genius idea! It only goes to show that an artist is willing to push the envelope, even if it means making his auto a canvas!