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Monday, December 3, 2012


Karen writes:
Dear Maria and Rick,

If you will allow me, I wanted to share with you some of the Zentangle Christmas Eggs I  made recently.  I am not a CZT (yet - maybe someday) but Zentangle has changed my life.  I am a long time Pysanky artist and most recently have been inspired by your gift of Zentangle. 

Thank you so much for this wonderful gift and for inspiring so many lives. 



Thank you so much for sharing your inspiration!

Click image for larger eggz.


Dilip Patel said...

Dear Maria, and Rick,

Greetings of the ensuing festive season. I have to make a request. Malathi's mother passed away last week after a prolonged suffering. You must be also aware that I had initiated creating 100 Zentangle Ganeshas with the prayers for mitigation of her pain. We are now in '90s, and few more Z-Ganeshas need to be created. I have a desire that one creation should come from you too. I hope you will not disappoint me(us).

With fond memories,


Amy in TN said...

Karen's eggs are STUNNING! How beautifully this art form pairs with Zentangle. I have been fascinated by the art of pysanky for years now...I woud love to know if Karen teaches workshops in this art form? If so, when and where?

Diane Lachance said...

Beautiful, Karen!

Sue Clark said...

Karen, your work is absolutely breathtaking!

Sharon L Payne CZT said...

The eggs are wonderful!

Margaret Bremner said...

As Amy said, these are quite stunning! I made pysanky with a Ukrainian friend many years ago and thoroughly enjoyed it. I've thought of looking at those patterns for inspiration. So delighted you went the other way and thrilled us with your gorgeous tangled eggs!

Judy West said...

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Kind regards,

Anonymous said...

Those eggs are amazing! I just learned about Zentangle two days ago and I'm very interested in learning more!