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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Why are Zentangle Mosaics Fascinating?

I love the fountain pen Maria gave me for Christmas. I keep that pen and a blank book with me all the time to capture ideas that suddenly sparkle but which can, just as suddenly, vanish dream-like without a trace.

So now I write whenever an idea sparkles. And as I write, that initial spark usually sparkles other ideas and I write those, too.

When I tangle, I never know where my starting strokes will take me. But I trust the process and proceed one stroke at a time. I’ll write the same way – one subject at a time – and together we can watch where this takes us.

To answer the questioning title of this essay, “Why are Zentangle mosaics fascinating?” I suggest that Zentangle mosaics are fascinating because each tile is unique.

If you’ve had the pleasure to be in a Zentangle workshop with a CZT* and placed your tile in a mosaic, you know how good that feels. At that moment all your self-criticism chatter disappears. Your tile remains unique, yet it fits the overall mosaic beautifully. And when you think about it, that mosaic exists because it contains each person’s unique expression of his or her creative flow that could only have happened at that moment. In other words, because your unique tile is there.

That good feeling inspired us to create our Zentangle Mosaic app with its Waterfall mode where tiles flow in and out of a mosaic that fills your screen. If all the tiles in the Waterfall display were the same, there would be no reason to keep watching it or to scroll through it.

A Zentangle tile does not need to meet some standard of excellence to be part of a mosaic. And, who would even begin to judge that? Your objective in tangling is not to create the perfect tile.

Your objective is to enjoy that exhilaration of creativity that flows as you make each pencil or pen stroke and then discover where those take you. Admire your tile as you turn it this way and that. Then place it in the mosaic . . . a mosaic that is uniquely beautiful because of your tile . . . a mosaic that could not exist without your tile.

Two things to remember about a Zentangle Mosaic:
  1. Its unique tiles make it fascinating
  2. Without your tile, that mosaic would not exist.

Comments invited.

Best always,

* Certified Zentangle Teacher [list]


Tracy Marie said...

Mosaic Zentangle App? Waterfall Mode? Did I miss something? Is this only for phones? I have a Desk Top only. Tell me more. Please?
Thanks, Tracy

Laura said...

Each tile/Person is a fragment, together, MANY tiles/persons become ONE universe. Quantities change the Quality.
P.S. I love the new feature that I can see the horizontal waterfall screen
from my mini Ipad! Wonderful!
Laura Liu/CZT#4 & #17 @Taiwan

Zentangle said...

Hi Tracy, Thanks for asking. Zentangle Mosaic works on smartphones (android and iPhone) and on iPad. No desktop yet, though. More info at zentangle.com/mosaic.

Zentangle said...

Hi Laura, Love that sentiment! As more people tangle, it seems that the creative possibilities continue to expand. Exciting to watch! All the best, Rick (and Maria)

Helena said...

Have to admit, I get a christmas-morning-like thrill every time I see one of my very own tiles in the waterfall!

Natasha Dash said...

I started uploading my tiles to the Mosaic app today. I started by uploading my very first tile I did in my first Basic Zentangle class I took. It is so interesting to look back at those first tiles and see how my style, lines, ideas, etc has grown and changed. I also see my confidence in my abilities growing too...one stroke at a time, one tangle at a time, one tile at a time. Thanks for creating the app, I am looking forward to adding the rest of my tiles in the coming days...and I'm very excited to see more people join and contribute their creations.