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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Traveling Tangles and . . .

Rick writes:

At our CZT reunion last year, we held a silent auction to fund scholarships for CZT seminars. Several of the items available were original art by Maria and me. The effort was successful and because of it, we were able to help several people attend seminars in 2017.

After the auction, several people asked that if they matched winning bid for our art, could they also get one. We said, "Sure!"

We thought we had sent them all out until earlier this week we received a call and learned we had not. Yikes!

So we gave this lovely person a choice of tiles and she chose one which Maria then matted and framed. When I saw what she had done, I interrupted her (as I often do!) so I could photograph it. This piece was just too beautiful not to share. It would also make a great blog post.

Here it is:

Maria began the tile with a gentle field of mooka "sprouts." I added the indyrella over it.

If you have the Zentangle Mosaic app, you will recognize this tile as part of a conversation we're enjoying about layering tangles. (You can find them all by searching with the #tranzending hashtag.) While you are searching, also search the hashtag #travelingtangles. This refers to tiles that two (or more) people create. In this case, Maria and I were only across the table, but many traveling tangles are created across the world. It is inspiring to see the blending of different styles and techniques!

Maria mounted the tile into a piece of the Tibetan lokta paper that we used on our first Zentangle Kit boxes. Then she tangled and embellished the double thick matte and we signed it.

Here's a close-up:

Beautiful, Maria!


You can do all the searches discussed in this blog post with the free version of our Zentangle Mosaic app. It's available for Android smartphones, iPhones and iPads.



Lianne said...

Such a beautiful tile. I love the embellishments around the outside as well.

Stephanie Jennifer said...

Wonderful! Be it across an entire ocean, or just across the kitchen table, I always feel collaborative art works turn out so beautifully. Like a combination of two people's creative magic.

Jan Brandt said...

Oh so artfully tangled, matted and framed! What a treasure. :) 17 of my students and I are currently enjoying a traveling tile project! By the time it's complete, each of us will have 17 tiles which another began and we completed. We are all discovering it can be more of a challenge than we had imaginged but we're learning SO much from the process! I collect everyone's before and after photos and send out a mosaic every two weeks. It's time-consuming but I love doing it. And yes, as Stephanie said, each tile is "a combination of two people's creative magic"! Thank you both, Maria and Rick, for inspiring us all. :D

Tracy Marie said...

Hi, Maria and Rick, Beautiful !

What is this "latka" [sp?] matt board? I do 8.5x11 inch ZIA'S & have lost my source for matt boards (and a special paper). They went out of business! Leads. please?
Thank you, Tracy

Zentangle said...

Tracy, Lokta paper is a handmade paper mace in Nepal (I believe) we used it to cover our original Zentangle kits.

you can find mat board at any frame shops, and can probably buy scraps instead of 32"x 40" that they usually come in. I used to own a frame shop and would put out scraps for our customers.


Tracy Marie said...

Dear Maria,
HI! Thank you for the very useful info, Your Zentangle Friend, Tracy

Xyore said...

Amazing post, thanks for sharing

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