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Monday, May 17, 2010


Ensembles are fun to do as a group or by yourself. These below are from one of our standard Zentangle Ensemble packs but you can make your own. You can make them in any configuration depending on how many people are participating or how large a mosaic you wish to create.

A couple suggestions:
  • If you're creating your own, use pencil for your string.
  • Focus on one tile at a time. Ignore what tangles might be on a neighboring tile. (Lock the others away if you have to!)
It's amazing to see how an Ensemble's tangles fit with one another.

Nine different people contributed to this next Ensemble.

Maria did this next one:

Rick did this next one: (Honest, I didn't look at any other tiles as I was doing this one, but if you look closely, it's hard to believe I didn't!)

Click images for larger view


Tricia, CZT said...

All these 'ensembles' are wonderful creations. Although it looks like they all used the same original string, they are individual and uniquely beautiful.

I made-up an ensemble for my clay guild (16 individual tiles), and the results surprised me! It was so exciting to see the quality of creativity produced by novice tanglers... and now we have a fabulous piece of art.

Carole Ohl said...

A group of us worked on an ensemble, but one of the tiles is missing and we don't know who has it! I'm sure when the time is right it will either show up or we will get "Zentangly creative" and see what happens. Communal art is the ultimate fun! Your posts are beautiful.