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Monday, May 3, 2010


For your enjoyment . . .

Here's a great blog post on Zentangle by Michele at Checkerboard's eInvite blog. That one linked to another Michelle wrote about Maria's lettering. At first we weren't going to put it in here. Then we noticed that the pens were full of Zentangle patterns, like this one using crescent moon, purk and hints of knightsbridge.

You can see Maria's full piece at this blog entry.

"T" writes, "Hi Rick and Maria. A few months ago, I did a Zentangle with circles. I moved on and did not think much about it. Yesterday, my granddaughter (4 yrs old) was looking through my pad of Zentangles. She saw this one and commented that it "looks like a clock". And today, it is a clock! What fun!!"

Patsy Monk, a CZT in Florida, sent us some images of a Zentangle exhibition of her students in a local library.


Thanks you for some wonderful images!


Rose said...

They are all spectacular, I especially love the clock :)

Bluejanem said...

How true the sentiment above the pink fountain pen ... makes my heart skip a beat and my eyes go misty. I occasionally write letters, but I can't say I have received a handwritten letter in years - how sad. I'll have to hone the writing skills up and see if I can elicit some handwritten responses. Also love the gallery pics.
Jane x

Carole Ohl said...

i am in love with that clock!