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Friday, May 6, 2011


Our daughter, Molly emailed us:
I saw this and it really made me realize how many people really get you guys. . . .  she has taken a very complex pattern and broken it down into simple steps to create a tangle. The language you have so delicately invented is encouraging others to express themselves. Awesome!

Molly is referring to this blog entry by Laurie Patterson, CZT.

We agree with Molly. This is a great example of
  • looking at our world with fresh eyes
  • noticing patterns we might have overlooked before
  • then deconstructing those patterns to their most elemental forms 
  • so that pattern can easily be recreated through repetitive strokes without "drawing" it.
Take a peek at Laurie's blog and see how she got from this:

to this:

Very cool, Laurie!

Click images for larger views.


Alittlesprite said...

Ever since I started to Zentangle I have noticed patterns everywhere.

Roshanda said...

I wish I could create my own tangles... I have yet to do this! I like this one. It looks so easy to do!