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Friday, June 8, 2012


Terri and Ed's daughter, Siggy, just graduated from the University of Massachusetts.

Here's a look at how she decorated her mortar board.

That is so cool!

For those of you who attended our early Certified Zentangle Teacher seminars, you will remember Terri and Ed as our hosts at Oakhurst.

Thanks for sending that, Terri.

Congratulations, Siggy!

Click image for larger view.


Melanye said...

Love that! Congratulations!

Shelly Beauch said...

How smart is that!! Congratulations!

Genevieve said...

That's beautiful. Congratulations to Siggy! And waving to Terri and Ed!

Amy in TN said...

So cool! (And practical for Mom & Dad to pick her out in a crowd, if they were in an arena). Congrats, Siggy!

Peg Farmer said...

Oh, Awesome!! What a great idea. Congrats to Siggy....and I have good memories of Oakhurst.

Sue Clark said...

Very Cool! Congrats to Siggy and thanks to Terri & Ed for the wonderful food and memories of Oakhurst.