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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Zentangle Diversity

Over the years, in our newsletters and in this blog, we have shared various ways that we and others use Zentangle. Just recently we learned of two more applications which were so diverse that they make a fascinating pair . . . if only to demonstrate the wide range of ways that others make use of the Zentangle Method.

Our first example comes from Jane MacKugler, CZT from Vermont. She and some other CZTs and tanglers got together with pen and paper piano and are having a wonderful time. Here are some pictures of their work in progress:

If we get some pictures of the final result (hint!) we'll post them here so you can see how it came out.

Our second example is from the Massachusetts Council on Compulsive Gambling. In this blog, Amanda Poggenburg talks about "Using 'Zentangles' in Recovery."

This fits nicely with the increasing amount of data that is coming in about the beneficial psychodynamics of using the Zentangle Method. "Psychodynamics" is a word we learned just yesterday from a nurse who called to tell us about how Zentangle positively affects the youth she works with who are diagnosed with various attention deficit related challenges.

We're happy to add these two examples to the amazing spectrum of uses for the Zentangle Method.

If you have other uses we might not have heard about, please let us know!

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Anonymous said...

Hullo! I only discovered Zentangles last week; although my first one took loooong over 15 minutes!

Today I decided to make myself some addiction recovery tokens (like AA has 24 hour, 1 week, months, years, etc.).

I'm using a tag punch, about 1-3/4 inches high which is about the size of a rcovery token, and filling it with 1-3 patterns. The day, or week, or month or whatever goes on the back. I have a small Xyron laminator to make them more durable. hole punched near apex will let me put em on a ball chain thing like nail clippers come on, should I want to have what month, week, and day all at once. Just one of each, though. And year, once I get there.

I hope these will help me. And I think ZT's are cool, tho I don't know that I'll ever make ones as pretty as some people, I know how it looks isn't the point (unless making something Z-inspired (sorry for abbrev my wrists hurt.)

Anonymous said...

What a fabulous, fabulous idea! A wonderful, personal chronicle of your journey.

Do not doubt yourself or your abilities. Everything comes with practice. Your Zentangles are just that--yours!--so do not compare them to others. No doubt that an artwork you create that may seem "ehh" to you will impress someone else. Be kind to yourself and look at your accomplishments as if through someone else's eyes.

You have already amazed yourself. Keep going!

Diana Hirsch, CZT6

Sadelle said...

So nice to see some pics of the piano we've been working on here on your blog! And yes, finish pics will be coming SOON, as the finishing shading and polyurethane coat just went on this weekend!

And while the following news piece just shows a corner of the 'Zen Piano', it's a great bit about the project, sponsored by the Hopkins Center of Dartmouth..
WPTZ news video of Hands on Pianos project

And a side note, all 4 of the Vermont CZTs got to meet each other working on this, and a big thanks to Liz D'Amico, who spearheaded and conceived of the 'Zen Piano' and to Bette Abdu, CZT, NH for inviting nearby CZTs to participate.

Sadelle Wiltshire CZT#7