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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Watch Our Step!

Maria writes:
Yet another one of those difficult problems to solve:

We built a new workroom here at Zentangle central last year. We broke through a wall, added a door, and converted our old garage into a spiffy workspace.

This, so we didn't have to schlep everything upstairs just to carry it all back down. Plus, we were running out of room.

When we broke through the wall to put in the door, there was an awkward half-step down to the floor of the new workspace. I thought, I can live with that. Nothing's perfect. No problem.

But after a couple guests didn't notice the step, I knew we had to do something. But, what? We thought of putting a big sign ("I can make a sign!" I said proudly.)

That didn't work even a little bit!

How about lighting the step with Christmas lights? Cool. However that only works going out the door, and not coming in. Besides, I'd have those exposed wire issues to agonize over in our beautiful new room.

So, I sat and tangled a bit, and a bit more and . . . wait! WAIT!

I know, I know!

We can . . . .

And it's worked perfectly ever since.

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Lois Stokes said...

Whispering Aloha and Mahalo Nui Loa (A very big thank you). What a tickle to be in the winners circle.

Peg Farmer said...

Beautiful as always, Maria! One more time, showing us that, if it has a surface......

What kind of pen did you use for this? If people are going to be walking on it, did you use a paint marker or something?

You're so fun!

Francie said...

I love how you solved the problem!

Zentangle said...

I used an Identi-Pen. . . ..then put a few coats of urethane over it. always does the trick.


Anonymous said...

Wow, I bet it makes folks slow down and look! Just like we all should be in the moment. What a great solution to the "problem"!

Marcia said...

And if course it's THE solution ! How beautiful,

Bonnie McLain said...

I love this Maria, and I love all your work... I have finally downloaded this page and will now try and stay on it... I did a tribute to your love on my blog... I hope that you enjoy it... Love, Light and Peace...Bonnie

Daniele OBrien Design, CZT said...

This is beautiful, leave it to you to turn a problem into such a wonderful creative statement! Fabulous solution.

Angela Werner said...

So far I've only tangled tiles. But, one STEP at a time, right?
Thank you so much for your tile, Maria. I am loving being a winner! I'll treasure it always - the envelope too! Very fancy!

Luvcreatincards said...

The step looks beautiful, with its tangled embellishing - perfect to entice folk to 'step in to an enchanted place'. What a brilliant solution to your problem. The step was obviously there for a reason, the reason being it needed or wanted to be tangled !! LOL

Anonymous said...

Love your tangled step solution. I've a similar situation and I found that a bright (red in my situation) rug at the lower floor helps too.