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Friday, March 15, 2013

John's New Helmet

This is a great follow-up to our previous blog entry about what surfaces you can transform with tangles.

About five years ago, Maria tangled our friend John's motorcycle helmet. You can see pictures in this newsletter and in this blog entry.

John recently got a new motorcycle and a new helmet, which he brought by for some tangle treatment.

Here are some pictures. (Coincidentally, our friend's last name begins with "Z".)

Maria used a Sakura® black, dual-tip IDenti™pen for this project. While it seems that these tangles are there to stay, our friend, John Z., may still spray it with a clear coat for extra protection.

(And now, I'll put away my "studio." :-)

Click images for larger views.


Sue Jacobs CZT said...

cool helmet tangles - and really, THANK YOU for sharing you 'photo shoot' setup!

Tangle Jam said...

Your friend John is a very lucky man. What a fabulous helmet and a great way to photograph it.

Styx and Stones said...

This looks great.
What varnish did he use after the helmet was tangled?