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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Snow Day!

Snow continues to fall here in Whitinsville, Massachusetts at Zentangle HQ. We managed to dig ourselves out a bit . . .

. . . but as you can see here . . .

We will not be shipping any packages today!

As soon as shipping does resume, we will send this Bijou tile in a Bijou frame . . .

. . . to Daniel Lamothe, whom we randomly picked from among the many wonderful folks who commented on our recent enyshou blog. Daniel, please email your shipping address to maria@zentangle.com.

Thank you Daniel, and thank you to all who took your time to write such wonderful comments.



Mariska said...

Take care, looks cold but I am sure you will keep yourself warm by tangling! Wow what a beautiful tile again, love Marisk

Anne's tangle blog said...

So much snow, must be hard for people to go to work or shops (if possible at all).
Thanks for sharing the photo's.
Keep warm and safe!!!!

Anonymous said...

After watching the news reports about the storm, I will no longer complain about the rain in the Seattle area! Happy tangling!

Anonymous said...

Greetings from the Sunny State of Arizona. New to what the terminology: "ZENTANGLE" really man's to people. I have been doing this type of "DOODLING" or "ART WORK" for going on some 47 years. It is amazing what your mind will come up with while waiting on the telephone (Not Cell) with a pencil and a note pad. Or better yet,the border of the yellow pages. Any old page would do.
I taught my boys to do this with the use of a telephone or cell. Our youngest is teaching it to his daughter. What's to really teach?
Restaurants have been doing it for decades ...
paper placemats and crayons for the wee ones?
Just because someone has come up with a new name for something you have been doing for years and forgotten about, does not make it "NEW" or "TEACHABLE" by a chosen few for a lot of money.
My rant is over and I must thank-you all in advance for reading my words.

Sue Zanker said...

This is for "Anonymous".....If you read Maria and Rick's book you will realise that your "doodling" is a very very far cry from 'Tangling' and Zentangle. Doodling is mindless scribbling, usually while doing something else, like during a phone call. "Tangling" and the making of a Zentangle is done with concentrated "mind-fullness" and has physical and mental attributes going for it. I have always been a phone doodler and still am, but since 12th February 2012, I have been a 'tangler' and it has done absolute wonders for both body and soul, which I never EVER get with phone doodling. Try tangling with mindfullness and concentrate on one stroke at a time.......it may surprise you......and with mindfullness, also keep an open mind!

Holly Williams said...

Wow! It looks as if you all have a great chance for some cozy hibernation and tangling! Stay warm and safe!!

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