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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Flux and . . .

This blog post shows larger images introduced in this newsletter and announces the winners of our previous two blog posts.

First, the winners:

We had so many great comments on our last 2 blogs. Thanks to everyone for taking the time.

For the silver tray blog, "Tray Bien, Merci" our random draw of commenters picked
  • J Bee
  • Michele Taylor
  • Chriss
. . . and for the stained glass window blog "Family, Passion & Gratitude" our random draw picked
  • Mary Reichs
  • Donna Cyr
  • Ginny Styles
Please send your snail mail address to Maria at maria [at] zentangle [dot] com so we can send you your present!

Again, thanks.


And, here are larger images from our recent newsletter.


© Serragulturk | dreamstime.com

Thanks to all for playing!

Best from us both,

Rick and Maria

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Jeannette Bisbee said...

Thanks Rick and Maria for doing Flux. I have been taking lots of classes with a lovely CZT, Brenda Shaver-Shahin, but I still find myself struggling with some of the organic Tangles like Mooka and Flux....particularly Flux. I can already see thoughtful ideas that will point my fingers in the right direction next time. Thank you for all the care and wisdom you take in training your CZT's. I have learned so much from the two that I have met, and I can hear from their stories about you and their certification process that the both of you are absolutely inspiring. I am hoping to come for certification in 2016! I am blessed to have found Zentangle like so many others....I know it took a lot of time to share and develop this process in the organized and inspiring fashion you have fashioned. It is much appreciated all around the world!

Sue Zanker said...

I love Flux ! Both versions!..... although it is only now seeing it on your blog, I have been inspired by the shape for a while within Zentangles I have seen. Maria's version reminds me a bit of "rather chubby Mookas" (no offence meant!) and Rick's reminds me of the leaves on a huge shrub I have in my garden (which I think is called Lilly Pilly). I shall continue to use it and with more pleasure now that I know how it all came about!

LezliB said...

I love Flux and have been doing the version that Rick shows. I'll have to get used to Maria's version, but it looks like a beautiful one as well. While looking through the blog, and coming upon the Thoreau quote, it reminded me that I have a pair of earrings that is stamped with the last portion of that quote...Live the life you have always dreamed. Such a wonderful mantra to keep us headed in the right direction with our lives. Just like Zentangle. I because acquainted with it last May or June and have acquired a lot of drawing materials to play with. Thank you for rescuing me by allowing my stress level to be lowered. I only hope that one day I will be able to come to training. In the meantime, I join lots of challenges and meet with other people to share. Thank you again!

Mary Tod said...

I did not realize that Maria's version was also Flux, having only seen Rick's version presented as such. Maria's reminds me of Mooka, only not connected at the bottom. Thanks for adding this pattern to your published ones and for clearing up any confusion about the two versions that can be presented.

KNM said...

Wow, a tangle based on "Purslane", a plant native to India. Some writers, like the American expert on wild food, Euell Gibbons, have even labelled it as "India's gift to the world.". I had written a brief post on Purslane in Dec 12. Here is the link :

I've already started a tile based on Flux (using a combination of Rick's & Maria's versions) which I hope to post on Diva's challenge this week!!!

Thank you both for sharing the step-outs.


Quwatha Valentine said...

Thank you so much for both versions of Flux. They are beautiful.

Shelly Beauch said...

Let's go Zentangle (north)! How amazing and fun, that turning the N around it turns into a Z. Oh so clever, you keep me smiling with all your tweaks and twirls. I am positive we are heading in the right direction but I also like getting lost in a maze of tangles!! Love and hugs

Donald Wilka said...

i think we discussed the two versions of Flux in CZT 10. I have tended to teach this tangle in my Basic class as away to illustrate/reinforce that there are no mistakes and that step outs are a reference not an absolute. I explain it like the fonts on the computer. In some fonts a comma or quotation mark looks like Maria's flux and in other fonts it looks like Rick's Flux. We accept them both as being okay. Most people get a chuckle from it as they see themselves as being in the class to learn "how to draw a tangle". Can loosen up the thought of ... mine does not look like yours, it is wrong. I have to admit that in reality I tend to do more of Rick's version. It tends to flow for me better.

karin said...

Rick and Maria,
This is so unreal I just saw the most incredible-edible yes I said edible I was inspired by the design that olive garden uses for their black-tie cheesecake and it looks surprisingly like your flux when I finish it I will send you a picture. Also how do I send you a picture of a picture so your can see it its of a ZIA I did for a wedding having hard time getting it to show up any hints it is a jpeg image in my computer now but was draw on 9in by 12 in thanks,karin

Chriss said...

Thanks for the prize, Rick and Maria. It has arrived and I am so very happy. Am heading off to my quiet room to start tangling. Thank you again.

Holly Williams said...

What an incredible Zentangle compass and quote ~ It's just gorgeous! Thanks for being such inspiration!