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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Opus Contributions

An artistic work, 
especially one on a large scale.

In this newsletter we describe receiving these beautiful examples of tangled Zentangle Opus Tiles.

This blog post shows those tiles in a larger format for you to enjoy them more.

For more information on Zentangle Opus Tiles, see this link.

Click images for larger views.


Gwynettekea said...

Absolutely breath taking and inspiring.

JaneDCZT said...

This shows a great range of style and pattern using the new Opus tiles. For any who may be wondering if they are up to tackling the larger size--lookie here!
-Jane Dickinson, CZT

Sue Sharp said...

I'm so glad these have been shared with us - they are all so individual and inspiring. Beautifully done, all of them!

sue said...

Amazing detail. I'm so inspired. Thanks for sharing.

Genevieve Wimp-McCann said...

fabulously original and pure large format exuberance. Looking forward to receiving my order of the OPUS tiles!

Lucy said...

Each one is beautiful, and so different! Wow.

Margaret Bremner said...

What a wonderful assortment of ideas and inspiration!

Jane said...

Awesome, I just got my Opus tiles and looking forward to try my ideas on them.

Kim Kohler said...

Opus tiles are still a bit large for me to muster up the courage to tackle, however looking at these wonderful pieces may encourage me to break one out!

Julie Tamanaco said...

Hi Again Z-gang! This post reminded me I have an Opus tile from our dear friend Elisa! I think a spring theme will get me going. I'm off!
Love and light
Julie Tamanaco

esther said...

Soooo beautiful

lee woo said...

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