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Thursday, September 23, 2010


Zentangle's slogan is "Anything is possible, one stroke at a time."

A fun story came our way from a Zentangle CZT:
I am in the process of moving my fiber arts studio to another city . . . . a very cool thing, but I've got TONS of stuff, and it's about 45 minutes away.

As I was driving up the highway, the thought came into my head . . .  "You can move anything... One Prius at a time" . . . which is how I am actually doing this... :)
Maria created this Zentangle to celebrate your move . . .

. . . while looking out our window at this.

Notice how most of Nature is not woven, but in a hollibaugh style of "behind."

Read about what's behind our slogan here.

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revbyrd said...

How beautiful!

I must admit, hollibaugh is one of my favorites, but I do tend to weave the strands in and out. I think of them as grass leaves, blowing in the wind.

Bluejanem said...

That is beautiful Maria ... I really like the flowing fronds and how you meld them into other patterns .... very inspirational as I make more quilting samples for my class next week. Only 13 more sleeps before we see you all in Whitinsville. Hugs Jane x

Bluejanem said...

Oh I can't count ... forgot about the time delay (I arrive in the USA before I leave home in Australia I think or it might be 15 minutes after I leave here) and travel time ... see you all soon in any case!