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Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Yesterday Maria invited suggestions for a Zentangle challenge. One suggestion was to create a Zentangle with just one tangle.

In this next example, Maria used only crescent moon in its basic format, only altering its size.

In this second example, she used a variety of interpretations of bales.

We welcome your comments and your additional challenges!

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Carole Ohl said...

These beauties show the magic of the Zentangle process that allows the brain to run free... very fun! I can't wait to do my next tile:)

Bizzy B said...

I'm going to try this. I think it's a great way to explore/interprete a tangle to it's fullest. Now to pick one. I'm still new at this process & tend to overthink.

Zentangle said...

Hi Bizzy,

That's why we added our Legend and Icosahedron (20-sided die) to our Zentangle kit. I would find myself wondering which tangle to do next and, like you said, "overthink."

It's also good to get you to try tangles you don't usually do. There's more info and ideas on our page about "Legend" on our website.

- Rick

BlackPumpkin said...

This is a great idea!!
I'll work on it! :)

Cynthia Schelzig,Cynnie said...

beautiful examples of beautiful tangles!!!

Bizzy B said...

You're right, Rick. I forget to use it. Well, 2 just came up. Mist should be interesting used this way. Thanks for the reminder.

Anonymous said...

A great idea to use just one pattern! Ge that's going to be challenging, BUT look what can be done.Thanks for sharing!ource

Shelly Beauch said...

What a super, top notch challenge, I want to play this game too! So much fun!

Kellie said...

I've started a challenge on flickr at my group "zentangle atc's". It's a Halloween challenge. So maybe a holiday themed challenge?
Kellie Cox

Cookie said...

Hi, Rick and Maria and other fellow Zentanglers. I own several Dice of different number if sizes from 3, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 20, 24, 30and 100 sides. I'm looking to get a 50 sided which shapes like a bi-cone and the numbers are on the widest part. I found a dice store on line that sells every type of dice imagine. Rick and Maria, after looking at your kit even before I bought one, I use this idea when I to zentangle from my collection of tangle patterns I've collected from the tanglepattern.com website and other artisen that shared their patterns. Sometimes I limit myself with just 10 tangles, sometimes up to 112 from the "Totally Tangle" Book. I try different ways I my zentangle designs can stay interesting. It's easy to keep jumping to your most favorites and eventually all your drawing could look the same if you don't try different things.

I designed a Birthday Card for my FIL and I forgot to photograph it, but I will see him next week, and make sure I take my camera and post the photo later. He's going to like his card. Oct 1st he will be 87 years young. I drew a Zentangle 16th Anniversary Card for my Husband. Our Wedding Anniversary is Sept 4th and he loved his card. I should photograph it and post it. You guys got me inspired to design Christmas Cards in Zentangle this year.

Cookie said...

I created a Zentangle Challenge using the Paradox Tangle Pattern on the 28 Sept 2010. Since I'm at work, I'll have to wait until I get home to post it or you can post the copy I sent you, Maria.