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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Tick, Tock . . .

Terri Greenberg, CZT, authors the TeeZeeTee blog which is on our blogroll. Recently she blogged about her contribution to Craig Giffen's Mail Clock.

We thought it was a great concept and a great contribution. We wanted to make sure you could enjoy it, too.

Thanks, Terri!

Click image for larger view.


DIANE said...

Terri's time postcard was such an inspiration and the project sounded so fun, I had to join in as well. You can find my entry here. Working on this project also gave me many ideas for future art pieces. Thanks, Terri, for your lead... :-)

Tinkered Art said...

Yes, thank you Terri - saw it on her blog and had to sign up - now just have to finish and send off.

Terri Greenberg said...

It was fun to do! I learned about it on the Post Crossing site, and another PostCrosser/Zentangle artist sent a message to me (from Texas) saying he did a card for 7:10 only he did the numbers in tangles and left the card open. I can hardly wait to see the results! I will have to stay up very late to see my own number!