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Monday, November 1, 2010

Zentangle Haiku

Cherie sent us this email last night,
The challenge this month was to compose a Haiku and use it for inspiration for your art, using stitching as part of the design element.

I composed a haiku about Zentangle, and designed my piece to be a visual Haiku. The design is divided into three sections : top left (first verse) is five lines of a pattern, mid section (second verse) is seven different patterns, and the right side and bottom (third verse) Is five feather patterns. The design is drawn on white silk dupioni, and then hand embroidered using single ply of cotton, rayon, or metallic threads and beading, quilting through the batting as I stitched. The feathers and black velvet border are machine quilted.

The Haiku:

Calming mind and soul
A string with five, seven, five:
Zentangle Haiku

I think the work you do is so generous and giving. Thank you for the privilege of receiving your daily inspiration!

Thank you for sending that, Cherie. It's beautiful!

We invite readers to visit her blog and enjoy a larger view of her Zentangle creation and what else she wrote. In particular, notice how she used beads for her small circles in the upper left.

Click image for larger view.


Carole Ohl said...

I love quilting and beading and I love this! Thanks, Cherie.

Margaret Bremner said...

This is delightful! And another idea for a string...

Joni said...

Nice work Cherie, I thought of doing a zentangle for the FFFC challenge too. My Haiku was going to be:
Make a Zentangle
any thing is possible
one stroke at a time
but then I thought that would be misusing the copyright - so I did my sunset instead. I like your "feathers" tangle.

Tinkered Art said...

Very nice - and thanks for the link to her blog - lots to see there.

Shelly Beauch said...

Elegants in words, stitching and art!

Amy Broady/CZT4 said...

Wonderful! Thank you for sharing. Such a lovely pairing of poetry and artistic process with a stunning visual outcome. Can't even find the word to describe how beautifully it all works together.