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Sunday, February 28, 2010

What's Your Pleasure?

As Rose commented while our blog was dormant:
"Can't wait till this blog is in full bloom... there are so many things I can't wait to see and discuss... so many questions and how to's that I can't seem to understand. Hopefully soon!"
Well, Rose, we're blooming and we look forward to hearing from you.
Blogging is a wonderful tool and it's time we put it to good use. We can
  • Discuss questions so everyone benefits and can join the conversation
  • Share tools and techniques for Zentangle
  • Talk about Zentangle insights, stories and metaphors
  • Post newsletter and website topics for indepth discussions
  • Post and discuss Zentangles
But you know all that.
What do you want to talk about? What are your questions, inspirations, passions, comments?

If you have a Zentangle blog, tell us and we'll add you to our blogroll.

We are learning this as we go. We invite your comments and suggestions as we explore all Blogger's neat tools, toys and settings.

Post your ideas and suggestions here or, you can email us. If you email us about our blog, please put "blog" somewhere in your subject line.

We are enthusiastically anticipating this new facet of our Zentangle adventure with you. Thank you all for making this possible and so much fun!