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Friday, February 20, 2015

More snow so more tiles!

Maria writes:

We have received yet another blessing of snow.

(Our outdoor lawn furniture . . . now totally covered!)

As beautiful as this bounty makes everything appear outside . . .

. . . we've been spending more time inside - tangling of course!

Here are a few from Molly and me. The first one I did a while ago. One of our lovely CZTs from The Netherlands gifted me with this (antique?) Dutch Button. I love most things antique, and this was something I could wear! After looking at it up close, I saw the tangles developing in my mind. When you see something such as this, you need not represent it precisely, but take inspiration from it.

If you look closely at my tangled "button" it is not an accurate representation of the piece. But it still might remind you of a Dutch Button.

So take inspiration from things of beauty and don't fret about exact representation. Make it yours. Delight in the transformation from image to tangle.

Enjoy the tiles!

We loved reading your comments on our previous blog. Thank you one and all!

Our random generator chose:
  • Barb Gill
  • "GoBarb"
  • Aleesha Sattva and
  • Suzanne Carter

Please email your snail mail address to me at [maria (at) zentangle (dot) com] so we can send you your "gilded Valentines"!

Click images for larger views.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Gilded Wishes

Our heart-felt good wishes to all of you.

Sharing our heART-works are the perfect way to show how special all of you are to us.

We are ever grateful for the support you have bestowed upon us these past 10+ years.

These tiles were done by us and some by our amazing staff here at Zentangle Central. From our home to yours . . . have a loverly day​!

What are your Zentangle plans for Valentine's Day?

In appreciation we will send Maria's and Rick's gilded heart Bijoux tiles to four randomly chosen responders. Please somehow say who you are as we cannot announce "anonymous" has won. We will announce the winners in our next blog.

Enjoy your day!

Best wishes,

Rick, Maria and the Zentangle staff


Rick adds:
Here's what Maria's desk looked like as she prepared these tiles:

Click images for larger views.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Just had to share . . .

Yesterday we received this precious note:
Dear Rick and Maria,

Thank you very much for the magnificent Zentangle Box. I'm enjoying it very much. It inspires me to draw more. And my classmates enjoy it too.

Hereby, I sent you a poster to have a lot of fun with. Hang the poster on a lamppost or tree in front of your house and watch what happens.

Bye, Bye,

The Netherlands

Molly put it up on a door in town, and people immediately took some.

Thank you so much, J.S., for sending that treasure!


Rick & Maria