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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Dance Plus

When students surpass their teachers . . . .
It's thrilling to see what folks created for Laura Harms' 100th challenge with divadance.

Imagine the tangles of the future. They will be increasingly difficult to find (we had it easy to get all the simple ones in!).  But, oh, they will be spectacular! Just look at how Zentangle has blossomed in the last few years . . . unfettered creativity coming out of people, many of whom never knew it was within all along.

Throughout this Zentangle community we see directions and inspirations we never considered along with enthusiastic passion and creativity. Your Zentangle inspired art creates an exquisite positive feedback loop that inspires us all.

It was only fitting that we also be part of this challenge. We feel that it's our service to society to enable anyone to discover and inspire their artist within and then to go beyond what we have accomplished. It's the way of this world.  

Thank you so much for playing with us and each other on this ongoing and unfolding Zentangle adventure.

Thank you for your inspiration.

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Monday, December 17, 2012

Diva Dance

Laura Harms, CZT, who hosts the popular IamtheDivaCZT blog invited us to guest host for her 100th Challenge blog post.

In honor of this event, we created a new tangle, diva dance. Later on we'll post step-outs for the archives on our newsletter, but for now you'll need to visit her blog to see lots of images and also the step-out instructions.

Here are a couple images of diva dance that we're contributing to this challenge:

By Maria, black and brown Sakura® Pigma® micron pens with white chalk pencil on lokta paper.

By Rick, black Sakura Pigma micron and white GellyRoll® pens with pencil shading and white chalk highlights on prestrung Zendala.

Please drop by Laura's 100th Challenge to enjoy some beautiful images and to add yours to them.

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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Seminar X

We are thrilled and proud to introduce you to the graduating class of the tenth Certified Zentangle Teacher (CZT) training seminar held this past September.

Please join us in welcoming some of the nicest people you could ever want to meet.

There are now CZTs in Australia, Belgium, Bermuda, Canada, Hong Kong, India, Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand, South Africa, United Kingdom, and United States (in 45 states)!

In the picture above, you can also see some of our Zentangle staff, left to right in the first row are Jess, Molly, Martha, Sue, and Jane.

It took forever to get that picture ready because I just kept looking at all the faces and reliving all our interactions and conversations. Looking at the expressions and body language explains a bit why we don't think we could ever do these trainings online.

We invite you to enjoy images of the creativity and fun enjoyed during Seminar X. Remember to click the images to see their larger version.

Registration is now open for our two Certified Zentangle Teacher training seminars in 2013: June 23-26 and October 13-16.

You can read more about seminar at this link and at many of our archived newsletters.

If you are interested in attending, please register soon because these seminars tend to fill quickly.

To begin the registration process, click the links below, where you will find details on tuition, times and other details:

We enjoyed great weather. This picture was taken in the early morning before breakfast. The day before there was a wedding at the hotel and the decorations were still up in the courtyard.

Above is a small sampling of Zentangle tiles and Zentangle Inspired Art that many students brought.

Our first mosaic along with a couple detail views.

After class in the evenings there were many creative events. Ironically, Miriam White (left) came from New Zealand and is giving a henna Zentangle inspired tattoo to Paulene Whakaruru, who came from Australia and was originally from New Zealand!

Students tangle the back of their name tags and then we varnish them. This always makes for a great photo opportunity.

Another tradition is to create a group Zentangle which everyone helps tangle and one student gets to take home.

We also find something to celebrate. For this class it was a celebration of our  tenth CZT seminar.

Thanks for enjoying this peak into our last seminar. You can learn more about our CZT program here. If you have any questions at all about seminar, just email Martha at events@zentangle.com and she will be glad to answer your questions.

Most importantly, if you are interested in learning more about Zentangle and its practice, please take a workshop with a CZT. You will find them listed here.

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Monday, December 3, 2012


Karen writes:
Dear Maria and Rick,

If you will allow me, I wanted to share with you some of the Zentangle Christmas Eggs I  made recently.  I am not a CZT (yet - maybe someday) but Zentangle has changed my life.  I am a long time Pysanky artist and most recently have been inspired by your gift of Zentangle. 

Thank you so much for this wonderful gift and for inspiring so many lives. 



Thank you so much for sharing your inspiration!

Click image for larger eggz.