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Saturday, June 15, 2013

June 15, 2013 Newsletter Companion

We're posting this blog entry so that you can see larger versions of the images in this newsletter.

We invite you to offer your comments below and to read the complete descriptions on the newsletter.


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Monday, June 10, 2013

So many tanglers . . .

. . . drawing so many tangles!

Have you noticed how magically this Zentangle Community is growing?

It is amazing to see how everyone intuitively embraces the concepts we had in mind when we started teaching the Zentangle Method.

Maria says:
I was sifting through emails, when I ended up on someone's Pinterest page. There was a uberbundance (I just made that up . . .) of tangles that were newly-designed, shared, acknowledged, stepped-out and strutted . . . for all to admire, try on for size, re-share, customize, perfect and go beyond.

This is way too cool! 

Rick adds:
It is so thrilling to see the open welcoming and heartfelt encouragement extended by individuals in this community to all who are beginning to share their Zentangle contributions.

As Maria said, it's even more exciting to realize that as each of you adds a new tangle, you contribute to the legacy of this art form as tanglers all over this world add your tangle to their palette . . . a new tangle that will ripple out as it inspires and informs new Zentangle creativity.

Thank you, all you wonderful tanglers, for all your support, for your spirit, and for all you contribute to the enjoyment and expansion of this artform. Have fun on this fascinating journey.

Here are a few recent tiles we've had some fun with. As always, we invite you to draw your own conclusions.

This series is essentially an exercise in the hollibaugh principle of "drawing behind."

At first I was going to call this "Bespoke" but I decided to call it "Unspoken."

Here I play with a new shape, repeatedly drawn behind.

There were figs on the kitchen table. 
There was also some strong coffee left in my cup! 

In this one, the hollibaugh bands fold back from wherever they touch their string boundary as they seem to form one long ribbon.

We look forward to reading your comments . . . and to selecting one to receive one of these tiles!

Congratulations to . . .

Maggie Smith who wins a tile from the "French Ivory Encore/ Here's to Bending the Rules" blog; and

TANGLENUT who wins on the "Grid (Un)Locked" blog.

Please send your snail-mail addresses to zentangle at gmail dot com.

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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Grid (Un)Locked

Hi all,

This blog entry is a companion to this newsletter.

We're using this blog to display the images in a larger format and to enable you to join the conversation with your comments.


Enjoy unlocking your grids!

As always, we will send one of these tiles to a randomly chosen commentator.

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