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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Aura (s)

In the Zentangle Method, a line tracing around the outside or inside of a tangle is called an aura.

It's like a halo.

It's like ripples that radiate on calm water

Aura-ing is a good example of drawing in a Zentangle way for two reasons: (1) you don't need to figure out where to draw, you just trace what's already there; and (2), you can't usually tell what the shapes of the next few auras will look like so you just enjoy the one you're drawing at the moment.

Aura-ing is a basic component of many tangles. That's why we teach crescent moon first in our introductory classes.

Aura-ing is a great exercise in awareness, control of pen and focus. It's a good reminder to rotate your tile as you tangle. It encourages a tangler to not pre-plan the outcome of a completed Zentangle tile.

We call aura an enhancement because it can be added to any tangle and it enhances that tangle. Aura enhances with complexity, fun, and the unexpected.

In this blog we suggest that the concept of aura can be applied with a further creative Zentangle flair of the unexpected.

How about adding a different shaped aura?

Or try different shaped auras one after the other.

You could tangle the space between two auras.

You can aura with a tangle.

These are just some ideas that rippled out from a few tangle studies.

We are sure that you will be able to come up with many more!

Have fun trying these on your favorite tangles and savor what happens next.


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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Challenge #151

Maria writes:

My Zentangle tile for Laura Harms' "I am the Diva" Challenge #151:

To Artoo and Beyond!

Wishing the Harms family a beautiful day,

Maria (and Rick)

Tangles used:

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Monday, January 6, 2014

Frosted Betweed

Rick writes:
As I put the trash out on a recent chilly New England morning, the rising sun glinted off our car hood as if to show off last night's tangled frosting.

Looks like the frost fairies were doing some betweed and a few other tangles yet to be deconstructed!

Sometimes something we see inspires a new tangle. Sometimes, a tangle is cultivated through lots of playing around; which is how betweed came about. But whatever its origins, when you tangle in a Zentangle way, it's fascinating to notice how often the results can suggest fanciful sea creatures, plants, and in this case, frost.

On my way inside, the Canada geese called me to look up and I quickly grabbed a picture as they flew over our home.

When I went through these pictures, I realized that this flyover is amazingly similar to a new tangle that our grandson, Wyatt, developed! When he first showed it to us, it reminded me of a flock of birds. We look forward to sharing it with you some time later.

Once inside, I noticed some of our Zentangle tiles and Zentangle inspired art  on the mantle behind my computer. It looks like they all could have been inspired by that morning's frost!

Ah tangles . . . such a naturally beautiful and eloquent langauge!

See step-outs and a YouTube instruction of betweed here

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