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Friday, July 30, 2010

Fine Motor Skills

We always knew that Zentangle was great for developing fine motor skills. Jella Verelst, CZT in Belgium, reinforces that view with this email:
I challenged my students to draw a ‘first Zentangle’ again after 9 months. (same string, same tangles) They could see with their own eyes how Zentangle improves fine motor skills.

Thank you for sending that Jella.

Jella's website is here.


Rose said...

That's amazing!!! Wow.. great email!

Linda Farmer said...

What a great idea, will have to go back and do a few of my own again. I definitely see an improvement overall, but it will be fun to compare then, to now with the same string and tangle patterns.

Heather said...

Very impressive! I should do the same thing and see how the work progresses!

Sukey said...

I recently discovered zentangles as I was recovering from meningitis. I had lost my balance and my small motor skills. How scary for an artist. Thank you so much for your generousity and to all those zentanglers who share so freely. I have almost recovered my small motor skills and discovered a new artistic outlet. I'm loving it! Thank you.

DJ said...

Great idea and one that I have personally practiced since I discovered Zentangle earlier this year. There is something about repeating those early lessons that completes the experience (at least for me). ~Donna Hornsby, CZT (Class #3)