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Friday, July 9, 2010

Zentangle Alterations

When Maria was a little girl, her mother had a sewing shop and did alterations.

Her family tradition continues with her repairs of this well-loved jersey top.



Click image for larger view


Carole Ohl said...

Leave it to Zentangle to take recycling to a new level :)

Paul said...

Beautiful! I would love to repair a pair of capris I have in a similar fashion. They have a mustard stain and I thought a Bronx Cheer would be suitable rebuttal. :o) Can you tell us what markers work best on fabric?

Paul said...

Ha Ha - I used my husband's gmail address to send my comment as I don't have one. Just for the record, my husbands doesn't wear capris - he wanted me to make that perfectly clear! :o)

Zentangle said...

Yeah, I was a bit confused about Paul...but hey, I'm open-minded...... I just used a pigma Graphic 1 (a thicker point) but depending on the size of the bronx cheer..... You could use any of the Pigma pens.....try it out on a piece of paper first for size.... such fun. It will stand quite a few washings, and you can touch it up again if necessary. Best, Maria

Melinda said...

So cool, I have a few things I think need a Tangle or two. Thanks!

Sue Doran said...

It's really jazzed up that blouse - beautiful! :-)

sarah lee said...

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