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Monday, July 26, 2010

What's the sound . . .

 . . . of one hand tangling?

We came across a YouTube clip this weekend that thoroughly intrigued us. In this clip, table salt is poured on a flat square plate. As this plate vibrates - well, just watch and you'll see what happens. One suggestion before you begin though, be sure you know how to turn down your volume.

The similarity of this clip's patterns with Zentangle's strings and tangles was striking. We've always appreciated and cultivated a "resonance" of our approach and our tangles with primary patterns and shapes in nature and in cultures throughout our history. Now, we're appreciating the implications of how these primal shapes and forms are functions of frequency and vibration.

We also marvelled at how similar these patterns' sudden changes were to the string demonstrations that Lois and Earl Stokes of Hawaii teach and showed everyone at our recent CZT training (think "cat's cradle").

We hope you enjoy this as much as we did. Now we're wondering, "What's the vibrational frequency of crescent moon, of cadent?" Maybe we'll build one of these machines and find out (and discover some more tangles while we're at it!).


Zentangle said...

After I posted this blog, I saw the static YouTube frame and realized, duh, there's crescent moon right there along with purq!


- Rick

Carole Ohl said...

That is a jaw-dropping mind blower.

Debby said...

Very cool. Thanks for the warning about the volume, it was making my cat crazy at certain frequencies. I had to turn the sound off altogether!

Rose said...

AWESOME!!! And who said dogs could only hear that high pitch? LOL.. good thing there's a volume control.

Truly, this was so cool!!! Great find!

Heinani said...

Rick thanks for bringing Cymatics back into my awareness. Energy is movement in a wave. Wave patterns, sound patterns, visual patterns are all energetic patterns. Tangles ~ String Figures (cat's cradles) ~ Mandalas ~ Crop Circles ~ Labyrinths
~ Sand Paintings ~ Snowflakes ~ Water drops ~ DNA. I love to ponder this connection between sound, vibration and our physical reality and how all of this is connected to the creative process.

Bluejanem said...

It brings to mind symmetry - that is what I noticed first. Sound aka energy, influences us all - with similarities and differences so I can understand how we can come up with the same patterns in our lives and designs - Pretty amazing. Thanks for sharing this.
Cheers Jane

kass said...

all I can say is WOW.

Joan said...

There is more to the world than we know! That was extraordinary!!