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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

17 - 15 - 1 - 34 - 33

This blog entry begins with Maria's contribution to Laura Harms' weekly Challenge #17.

This week's challenge is "15 Minutes of Fame" -- complete a Zentangle tile in 15 minutes. When we were first designing Zentangle, one of our choices was how large to make a Zentangle tile. One reason we chose a 3-1/2 inch (89 mm) square tile was you could complete one that size in about 15 minutes.

Here's Maria's contribution:

Recently someone asked us, "How long does one of those pens last?" (We use Sakura's Pigma Micron black 01 pens in our Zentangle Kits.) We looked for the same pen we had used for an earlier test. We found it hanging vertically on our bulletin board. (You should always store these pens horizontally for best performance.) Maria used that same pen to create today's tile. 

We went to our newsletter archive page to find out when we had done our test. We had done it 34 months ago! You can read about it in our June 2008 newsletter (which also has some great pictures from our "Backstares Gallery" and a cool tangle). Here's a picture of some tiles from that pen.

Today's Zentangle is the 33rd Zentangle created with this pen. This is after that pen was stored for 34 months. Not bad!

Maria noted that its line was finer -- more like an 005. But it still had fun enjoying its 15 minutes of fame!

Click images for larger views.


maggiekat said...

Awesome!! Thanks for the update.

i am the diva said...

This title is eerily similar to the combination to my locker in highschool.... spoooooky....

Jane Monk said...

I put a little paper tape onto the barrel of my pens and mark the date when I start using them - this way I know how old they are. I generally wear out the nib on the paper I am using before I run out of ink. All the tangles I have drawn since February have been with two pens that I alternate - that is a lot of ink! Love the latest tangle too.

Shelly Beauch said...

It's a bobby dazzler!
I find it hard to toss old pens so there is a bunch blooming in a jar like old flowers!

Kit @ Dreamscribe said...

What a great post! And what a great idea - thanks Jane. I'm going to start doing that. I had started marking a couple of pens "Mooka Pen" - because I happily drag those backward and forward (I imagine I can hear the paper squeaking with alarm at my reckless abandon and lack of care for its well being). But the rest of my pens seem to last for *ages*. Now I'll start marking them (starting with ?? on all my existing pens) and I'll know. Of course, like Michele, I find it virtually impossible to toss the old ones - but this is from the girl who (though decades younger at the time) put her broken bedside lamp in the cupboard for a couple of years in the hope that it might 'fix itself' eventually. [smiles]

stART said...

Maria, your tangled initials rock!

Debbie said...

I've been making zentangles all my life and didn't know it. I've been thinking for years about being more intentional about creating and exhibit them. Now I probably will. Thanks!