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Thursday, June 9, 2011


In response to Weekly Challenge #25 - Zendala Magic from Laura Harms, CZT, Maria responded:
This is actually one of my first Zendalas (first of many). As I began to tangle Geneviève's string, all I could see was the potential for a compass rose design. I have already done quite a few of those, and I like their functionality.

Here's a compass rose we designed for Molly and Nick's wedding:

Molly and Nick stood on this 6-foot diameter canvas compass rose during their ceremony. Around it's edge Maria lettered, "One ship sails east - another, west. By the self-same winds that blow. But it isn't the gales, it's the set of the sails, that determines the way that we go."

We tangled it with versions of Shattuck, Static and Cadent using large Sakura Pigma pens.

If anyone asks Nick and Molly where they were married, they can point to this and say, "Right here!"
Click images for larger views.


Peg said...

You are all the most beautiful people I know! Thank you for sharing so much of your lives with us....

Most humbly,
Peg Farmer, #3..and soon to be #7

Carole Ohl said...

I love how your challenge piece "shines"! And what a beautiful wedding remembrance. I ditto Peg ...

Heather Victoria Held said...

These are both so precious!!!!! Love them!

Margaret Bremner, Artist said...

Agree with all the above!
I really like the tiny black corners and mid-edges of the tile, creating a weathered parchment look. That white middle ring of the tile almost looks as if it's rolling up off the paper.
What a fabulous canvas piece. (I must dream up a large project for myself.)
Both lovely!

Zentangle said...

Deciding to do a really large piece is fun. You give up that wrist movement for arm movement. that goes for Zentangle as well as lettering. Very freeing......,m

Lois Heinani Stokes said...

Maria ~ you are the rose of the wind ~ beneath my wings ~ happily I navigate ~ through the tangles

Shelly Beauch said...

Marvellous, magical effect and what a glow!

Genevieve said...

Love the compass rose.

I am marveling at all the wonderful works of art that have been created from the humble beginnings I unleashed. Wow!

Darkskye said...

Very nice!! And I love the quote on the larger piece, too. Thank you for sharing both.

Luv Creating Cards 'n' Keepsakes said...

What gorgeous tangles, I love the compass tile that you have created from Genevieve's string, especially the beautiful torn effect corners. The canvas that you created for your daughter and son in-law's wedding is amazing. Thank you for sharing these lovely treasures with us.
As always it is such a treat to visiti the blog and see your wonderful creations.
Warmest best wishes,

Joni said...

How cool to make a compass from the mandala pattern! Simply Beautiful, and so appropriate and you give us direction in our art and in our souls.
Love the wedding compass too, I'm sure Nick and Molly will treasure it.

Unknown said...

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