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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

CZT Seminar #7

Certified Zentangle Teachers
Class of October 2011

Here's one amazing group of talented and passionate individuals! It is such an honor and thrill to be associated with these people with such diverse backgrounds and stories and who are excited to share Zentangle.

Everyone had a wonderful time making new friends. We heard inspiring stories of people's Zentangle experiences, plans and projects. Countries represented at this seminar are Australia, Canada, India, Japan, South Africa and the United States.

In the days and blogs to come we will share in pictures and words some of our adventures. But the pictures and words can only hint at the powerful personal experience we all shared.

We are beyond grateful to all who chose to spend time with us, to all who helped this event to run smoothly, and to our family.

MUCH much more to come and to share.

We will also link to others who are blogging about their experience. Here's a sample from Linda Farmer of TanglePatterns.

Click image for larger view. 
Our thanks to Daved Levitan for taking this picture.


Linda Farmer said...

What a great photo, thanks Daved! And again, my thanks to the Zentangle family for a truly magical experience. Cheers and happy tangling!

Carole Ohl said...

This was my second time at a CZT seminar, and loved every second of the "truly magical experience" that Linda mentioned above. Daved and I catching our breath, and still swimming in gratitude for being able to attend and to meet such wonderful people! Thank you to the entire group, and to Hotel Providence, for adding so much to our experience.

Judi said...

My mind is all abuzz with ideas and I've already contacted a small local meditation/yoga group located in my all time favorite park about teaching a class there. They were interested enough to contact me for further information about it! It would be very meaningful for me to teach in that particular location, the perfect place for my FIRST class!
Thank you Rick, Maria, Molly and family from the bottom of my heart for the wonderful experience in Providence and for this exciting experience of sharing Zentangle® that's only just beginning!!

Lois Heinani Stokes said...

It's so exciting to see our Zentangle family growing. Each photo brings back "memories that do not fade." It seems like yesterday ~ CZT#3

Chris Titus said...

I will leave an A+++ comment about the seminar at a later date, but right now I need to extend my sincere apologies to Maria and Rick and anyone else that spent any energy looking for the CZT Seminar #7 tiles that I won as a result of guessing the icosahedron contest. Most likely as a side effect of all the volumes of information I was trying to process at the time, I must have put the tiles in my Zentangle bag and forgotten. You can imagine my amazement and joy at finding them neatly tucked away between the other merchandise I purchased at the seminar store. Thank you for offering to compensate me at the time in some other way. Just another testament to the kindness you so willingly give to us all. I'm so excited at finding my prize that it's like I won all over again!!!!!! Thank you everyone.

Margaret Bremner, Artist said...

Some time ago I started to lose track of all the tangle patterns people are discovering, inventing, adapting. Now, 103 new CZTs and I'm losing track of who we all are too! (This is a GOOD thing.)

Deb said...

Looking at this blog post, I truly am filled with such nostalgia from having attended my CZT training of class #2 & #3. It truly never gets old. It is almost over whelming to see the numbers in attendance for this class. Congratulations on many many levels. Thanks for posting and thanks to all who keep this dream alive. -- Deb Miller, CZT2,3, MC.