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Monday, February 13, 2012

Nature Tangles

Yesterday, Nick and I (Rick) were trying out a new handsaw for cutting firewood. Work progressed slowly because every time we cut a log, I would stop and admire grain patterns.

I knew what our next blog would be as soon as I saw(ed) this one:

When you look closer you see a delicate five petal flower image tangled in oak with resonant auras, just like a Zentangle enhancement*.

As you look even closer, you realize those rings that look like lines are actually dots of tiny little holes . . . imagine miniature drinking straws:

Our world is so exquisitely patterned . . . Such beauty and inspiration!

It is exciting to become aware of patterns we never noticed before. We see familiar objects with new vision. All of a sudden, our kitchen table is new, familiar buildings where we live are new, patterns on our clothes are new, the horizon is new . . . our world is new.

*See Zentangle Glossary for explanation of terms.

Click for larger view and lots of wonderful detail.


Margaret Bremner, Artist said...

Truly full of wonder! Thanks Rick.

deanna7trees said...

wonderful images. thank you.

Carole Ohl said...

"see familiar objects with new vision."
Letting ourselves see beyond what we expect to see is a real gift. Thanks for reminding us to look.

Unknown said...

Brilliant. The beauty of trees. Thanks!

Styx and Stones said...

I must admit I have noticed the same thing... I look at everything as if it's a tangle.. I can't walk though a clothing store without examining patterns...taking pictures with my cell. My house it an over the top resource of patterns and texture..lol... thanks for opening my eyes anew.