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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

It was a dark and stormy night

Or more specifically, a dark and Sandy night.

Even though hurricane Sandy's center was distant, we still felt its effects.

Maria was up in the middle of the night tangling. She used a black Sakura® IDentiPen™ and what she thought was a black Micron 01. (It was after all a dark and stormy night!)

Above all that turmoil was a full moon.

Molly just arrived and brought a Zentangle tile she did last night. Here she uses hollibaugh, fife, and our latest tangle, bunzo.*

Click images for larger views.

* "Bunzo" was Maria's nickname for her/our son Noah. He didn't like it when he was young, but recently asked if we were going to share its origins. :-)


Tinkered Art said...

Hope the worst of the storm has since passed without inflicting too much hurt for you. Love the tiles - is it me or do some of them very "stormy"

Dilip Patel said...

Every thing passes, even cyclone. Hope the damages were minimum. I can see the broken tree in front of your house. While watching the news on CNN, a zentangle took shape. I have dedicated it as a prayer for the Sandy victims. I am posting it on Diva's challenge. Your all the tiles are great representation of the nature's fury.

Liane said...

Hi Rick, Maria and family, glad everyone is ok. Possessions, trees etc are all replaceable, lives are not. My heartfelt thoughts go to everyone affected by Sandy. Maria, you tiles are very powerful, the full effects of the winds clearly show in your lines. wonderful pieces as always. xxx Liane CZT8 (Qld, Aus)

Shelly Beauch said...

Amazing how you created a sparkle of light on such a wild night, glad you are safe.