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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Next Step

As things would have it, Rick asked me to write a few blogs.

"Great!" I said. I couldn't wait to start. I had so many things to talk about.

But. I. Couldn't. Get. Going.

That ever happen to you? Writers's block, artists's block, musician's . . . well you know what I mean. Lately, whenever such things happen to me, I just start tangling. Instead of looping worries or fidgety fingers, I just grab a pen and let it tangle. My mind seems to quiet. The world, as I know it, disappears, just enough to ease the tension, anxiety of the present (in retrospect seemingly insignificant) and allow new ideas to appear. Not just solutions to the worries, but ideas I would never have thought of.

Now, I'm thinking, "is it that easy?"

Should I use this technique when I . . . can't find the perfect black skirt? (of which I have a "few" lurking in the closet,) What colors to paint the house? What ingredients to buy for supper? How to answer that particularly difficult question the kids have. . . . . Sometimes the answer wasn't in the multiple choice. . . .it was "D - Other."

So, maybe I shorten an old skirt or add a pleat or a tuck here and there. Or maybe it's time to add some color to my wardrobe.

Paint the house? What was I thinking! I love the way the paint is peeling and cracking around the window frames.

I dislike grocery shopping . . . let's see, what I can come up with using only leftover chicken, cilantro, salsa and cabbage? And (unlike these trivial "lifeisms") the really difficult problems, well, they deserve the quiet time and slow pulse thoughts that offer insightful directions. Often there's not an obvious solution, but there is an obvious next step to move forward . . . one stroke (step) at a time. And once I take that step, subsequent steps present themselves . . . and often those steps are ones that I had never considered.

Now, I have a new dilemma . . . tell everyone how this technique works, or keep it to myself and "appear" to be wise and way too cool?

Hmm. Methinks I shall partake in a bit of the tangle and figure this out as well.

What do you think?

Rick adds: "Seems like she already decided . . . LOL!"

Last week's winner of the "Tangle Heart" blog giveaway is Kathy Shabowski. One of my tiles is on its way.

Thank you all for the wonderful thoughts and ideas you so freely share with us and with everyone in this Zentangle community.

Too much fun.

Life is good.

- maria

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Terri said...

Much rather see the tangles than read the small print. Thanks for sharing.

Kathy Shabowski, CZT 10 said...

Thank you so much for one of your amazing tiles! I will cherish it and promise to give it a good home!

Kathy Shabowski

Shelly Beauch said...

That's problem solving with panache!

Tangle Jam said...

I seem to be choosing the last one on the multiple choice list lately and it's T for tangle. A wonderful way to find new solutions, "one stroke at a time".

Diane Lachance, CZT said...

Maria, thank you so much for sharing that which really stumps me each day and makes me feel disconnected. With a week of no classes stretching before me, I can't seem to get off the mark. I have my list of "important" thinks(that should have been "things," but I am contemplating the use of the word that I typed instead!) to do, yet none of them seem to rise to the top.
What am I doing? - creating new tangle patterns and having a ball!
Now that I know I am not alone, I am sure I will seek out the next level. I am just always amazed how sitting down to draw tangles opens up new possibilities and paths.... Thank you so much for the recent, rich insights! I no longer feel disconnected......:o)

Unknown said...

Ah! Getting going is always the hardest part of doing anything...And isn't it amazing that what seems so important one minute becomes so insignificant a short time after? I love your writing and how you think and your tangles are sooo beautiful. I hope the "give aways" go on and on and that one day I get one... :)!

Unknown said...

Hi, Maria. If possible, could you name the pens used to make the tangle on black tile - the one under D - other?

Unknown said...

Maria, I used to just "sleep on it" when I had a difficult problem to solve or one that simply needed some thought before I opened my mouth with possible solutions. Now, I tangle! Current problem - selecting a special space in my home in the hopes of someday having it be occupied by an "MT" tangle...think I'll pull out a tile and tangle on it (and on the problem). Thanks for being so generous with your gifts.

lishamarie said...

I started using this method of problem solving in my classroom. Students made a journal and before each project I give them a tile to "work it out on" then they glue the solution into the journal. They have become quite creative, less frustrated and more willing to try the new project.

Zentangle said...

Angela, I used a Sakura white belly roll pen and a gray Fabrico pen to shade. and a little white chalk pencil. . . . such fun. maria