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Friday, July 18, 2014

Welcome CZT XIV !

Please join us in welcoming the Certified Zentangle Teachers (CZT) from our 14th seminar:

We are thrilled and honored that these talented and passionate people traveled to Providence, RI, to learn, share and make friends from all the world. With this seminar, there are now CZTs in three new countries: Singapore, Spain and Switzerland.

The creativity and excitement was abuzz as these Zentangle artists arrived at Hotel Providence.

And so begins our CZT XIV Welcome Newsletter.

We include larger images of the pictures here from that newsletter so that you can view them more clearly, and also leave comments.

Enjoying a group mosaic

Admiring a class project with Renaissance Tiles

Posing with the lobby art and . . .

. . . our welcome sign

The weather was perfect and we could eat all our meals outside if we wanted.

Many students brought their creations to share.

And everyone contributed to this beautiful group collaboration.

Thank you, and welcome, CZTs of Seminar XIV !


Visit yesterday's "Zentangle 10th Anniversary" blog post and leave a comment for a chance to win a print of a new Zentangle original!

Click images for larger views.


Lynn said...

I am dreaming of the day I can attend a training class! This just makes me want it more!

Michelle said...

Congratulations. It was an honor to be at Seminar XV. I learned so much and taught my first 3 classes this past week.

Zentangle said...

Congrats, Lynn. Now you know firsthand what drives us to do what we do!!

Isn't is a wonderful superpower to enable others to create, to enhance their self-esteem and to be happy for the minutes it takes to tangle a tile.

It's way too cool.


Chai said...

I am so looking forward to October so I, too, can become certified! I have been sharing this art form for the past 2 years with so many people and they all love it. See you in October..and happy anniversary!

Anonymous said...
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Leslie Barr said...

Looking forward to bringing Zentangle to public school students in our area this fall.

Unknown said...

Wow! What fun! I would like to do it all over again! I have such great memories! I want them again! :)

Sue Zanker said...

Although my travelling days are over, I still love seeing everyone's joy through Zentangle! I love it so so SO much just doing it each day on my own, that I can just imagine the wonderful camaraderie of a mob of tanglers all together! Go, Go, GO!

Unknown said...

Congratulations!! Thank you both!! You guys are amazing!! I thought it was an accident on how I found your book, but I now know it was Devine intervention,which could not have happened at a better time. I was in a very dark place. I'm so thankful for Zentangle and for you!! I cannot stop or put down my pen. May you always be blessed!! With kindest regards, christina Furner-Webber

Marilyn Stirrett said...

Congratulations! In a one-day class I learned some tangles that I use with my calligraphy pieces.

Anonymous said...

My dad has stage 4 cancer and has had oodles of testing, hospital visits, and chemo. Through it all I have tangled and tangled some more. I have been blessed to dedicate a room in my house for art only. It is the place I go to tangle and recharge to the core. I turn 50 in January an I hope to become a CZT next summer! I don't know how I could have survived without tangling! Thank you !!

Suzanne said...

After teaching primary school for thirty years, I recently retired. I was lucky enough to discover Zentagle , and have fallen in love with the art. It fills up the empty spaces in my days and is such a relaxing way to create beautiful works so art. Thank you!

Wanda said...

Zenth Anniversary Haiku

Zentangle magic
dances as summer grass grows
no time for mowing

Zentangle saved my life at a time when I was overcome with despair, and continues to give me joy and surcease from sorrow. Bless you both.

Unknown said...

Congratulatons on your Zenth anniversary! I have a renewed excitement for this artform. Zentangle took up residence in my soul back in 2001 when I discovered an inner drive to draw in patterns. I called it "flourishing" because I knew no other name to call it. It felt sad to me that this wonderfully rewarding, "pen-to-paper" artistic activity that came from somewhere deep in my soul had no recognizable name. Everyone who saw my creations absolutely loved them but my art somehow felt unrespected and looked upon as "strange" because it didn't have a name! But I was so drawn to this creative outlet that I could, in no way, give it up. I was completely taken with the peacefulness and calm that it created in me….I was obsessed with creating new patterns to incorporate into each new piece.

In January, 2014, I was looking at patterns on Etsy, Deviant Art and Youtube and came across a demo being done by Maria and Rick. I felt chills all over my body when I realized you were making these beautiful pieces of art using the exact same patterns that I always thought I had made up. My art finally had a name! When I discovered your newsletters and you explained the Zentangle philosophy, I couldn't believe that someone was finally expressing the exact feelings that I had felt for all those years and that you could put words to them. You gave me the greatest gift that day! I finally found purpose and my drive and obsession were validated! Thank you for that gift! I immediately found Sharla Hicks, CZT, who fit my style and next week I will be completing my 8th class under her instruction. This week I signed up for a calligraphy class as well because I feel so inspired by you, Maria, and the work you do. I am loving every moment of learning and continuing to be validated. I now feel so completely understood and confirmed. I owe it all to your establishment and foundation of this beautiful, peaceful artform. I cannot thank you enough and cannot wait to meet you in Rhode Island.

trish said...

Is there any way to be placed on the waiting list for the upcoming seminars in October/November? Or do we just need to wait (im)patiently for the 2015 schedule? Now that we've retired and settled in Hawaii I finally have the time to get certified! I'd love to attend as soon as possible!

Cynthia Gannon, CZT X said...

Congratulations on your Zenth Anniversary! I'm so thrilled to be part of your evolution and your revolution!
Cynthia Gannon, CZT X

Anonymous said...

With regards to the 92 year old woman with eyesight problems; her art work was wonderful. God bless her. I wish my grandmother was still here with me.

Unknown said...

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