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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Laniakea Tangles

Rick writes:
This morning we watched a stunning video from Nature - The International Weekly Journal of Science, showing superclusters of galaxies.

It's a short video. Short enough that I suggest you first watch it with the sound off just to appreciate the imagery . . . an imagery of tangles drawn by strokes of galactic trajectories, within three dimensional strings of universal scale, creating mosaics with other superclusters.

We wrote in The Book of Zentangle,
Our world is awash in patterns.
Our world is patterns.
This video suggests the same for our universe.

Our night sky displays one perspective . . . but step back a few fractals and appreciate the elegant patterning of supercluster tangles dancing within cosmic boundaries of 3D strings (nicely displayed at 3:00 in this video).

"Laniakea" translates from Hawaiian to English as "Immeasurable Heaven"  . . .  how wonderfully reassuring.




Xa Lynn said...

Thank you for posting that video - my daughter and I thought it was stunningly beautiful.

Georgia Jensen said...

I played it without sound as you suggested...and my body started humming...how can this be I thought and than...Why not...I appreciated being reminded that all is connected, all is one...we are all made of stars...Life is so beautiful.

Anonymous said...

The world news this summer is so heart renching from Ebola in Africa, to war in Syria, to Russian attacking a soverign nation, theats worldwide. Yet here we have a three dimensional view of our place in the universe created by scientists for all to view. I am in awe of the capability of human endeavor. Thank you for sharing this very special video. Darla Rae Duffy

Nancy said...

So amazing, very humbling that we are just a grain of sand within the nature of the universe!

HeidiSue said...

like water dividing in a watershed....pattern is EVERYWHERE, and patterns in such diverse places, are so similar to each other.
Amazing, spirit lifting stuff! thanks for posting

Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing this wonderful video. I'm going to watch it again and again. I love the mystery of our existence. For some reason it brings me peace to know just how small and insignificant I truly am.

gobarb26 said...

Wow! What an amazing video. I just wanted to start tangling right then and there! Funny, I was playing with a pattern the other day that reminds me of some of the patterns on this video. Hmm!

Maria Perez said...

Oh, Rick, thanks for sharing the video! I'm wishing to take my pen and draw some of this images I've seen. Actually universe is patterns.

Unknown said...

WoW! How beautiful and interesting! I loved the video and learned some stuff I did not know in the process. Thank you for posting such a fantastic clip.

Leslye said...

Amazing...sometimes things so 'Grand' can make me cry. We are all so small in this amazing creation. It's so beyond my comprehension. Now when I do a tangle of feathers I'll remember my small place in the universe.

Unknown said...

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