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Friday, December 19, 2014

Zentangle Method and Schools

Gillian McAuliffe works with school children in Perth, Australia. After learning about the Zentangle Method, she began sharing it with students in her school district.

The outcomes were so positive and so dramatic that she had to find out what was going on. So earlier this year she traveled 11,639 miles from Perth to Providence (RI) to attended a Certified Zentangle Teacher training seminar.

Gillian is also working with an area university to design formal studies to investigate the benefits to students from practicing the Zentangle Method. In the meantime she wrote an article on this important topic that we want to share with you.

To more easily read her article, upload the original PDF here.

To "meet" Gillian, please take a moment to enjoy this short interview she gave us at seminar. One important insight she shares is the gradual deterioration over recent years in children's fine motor skills and how she employed a Zentangle practice to address this.

We just uploaded this video and five other new ones to our Zentangle Story Booth.

Thanks, Gillian.


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Judys Lace Creations said...

Oh thank you for sharing Gillian's story with us!. I wish I had known about Zentanglke when I was teaching.

Viki Banaszak said...

What a wonderful story. I think it is great that she is sharing this with her students.

Shelly Beauch said...

Congratulations Gillian on a very informative article, it's fantastic that you are helping guide the students in a creative way.

Sara said...

What a wonderful story! As a retired kindergarten teacher, I can really relate to the use of Zentangle practices in early childhood. I, too, wish that I had this teaching method as a tool when I was teaching. Now, as a CZT, I like to share Zentangle with children!

Unknown said...

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