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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

tHE ART of Zentangle

Happy Valentine's Day!

Maria writes:
In my readings lately, I discovered that Zentangle is quite "hearty". . . and in more ways than you might have imagined.

Definitions from my trusty dictionary:

HEARTY: adjective
  • Warm-hearted
  • Genuine
  • Heart-felt
  • Wholehearted
  • Exuberant
  • Unrestrained
  • Strong and well
  • Substantial
  • Abundant . . . AND
  • Nourishing
Nourishing I think, most of all, nourishing. It feeds our heart, frees our emotions. It supports our needs, wants and enhances our lives. One needs heart to create beautiful things. And in my heart, I just know these things.

Rick writes:
In our English language, "art" is found within "heart."

What a delicious metaphor for "drawing" on your heART's inspiration.

How do you access heart-felt art? Our Zentangle suggestion is to do it one stroke at a time.

Put your heart into each simple stroke with deliberate and loving attention. Leave the next stroke's concerns to the next stroke. When it's time for that next stroke, approach it with an open heart. Gently allow your heart (and mind) to open to what unfolds as you tangle and be gentle and relaxed about your expectations.

As you practice the Zentangle Method you begin to trust your heART more and more. You learn to trust that you'll know what to do when it's time to do it. You begin to discover the beauty that flows from within. You discover how good that flow can feel.


This blog post is the companion for this newsletter.

In that newsletter, we showed this tile:

This step-out shows how Maria adapted the basic waybop tangle for this tile:

We invite Zentangle Mosaic subscribers to post their creations using this step-out under the hashtag:


If you are not yet a subscriber, you can still download the app for free and search that hashtag to see what everyone posted.


Here are larger views of the fun heart images from the newsletter:

Indy, Molly's seven-year-old daughter, was watching our "Kitchen Table Tangle" video for waybop and decided to do one:



And for some more definitions . . .
  • Heartener: giving courage or confidence
  • Heartsome: giving cheer or spirit
  • Heartstring: hmm . . . what's your definition?

We wish everyone a Happy Valentine's Day!



Unknown said...

Thank you for the definitions/comments as much as for the step-out. I was a wordsmith before I was an artist (and I am an artist thanks to the Zentangle method!)and the words resonate deeply within me. There may be poetry as well as images bursting forth today!

LindaJF said...

I love Indy's tile! Awesome job! (Love your tiles, too, as always, Maria and Rick!)

Jennifer Sparrow said...

What an especially "heartful" post. I will definitely share these wise words with my introduction to the Zentangle method class this week. Sending much love and gratitude!

PamS said...

Love this post and its heartfelt sentiments. The tiles are all beautiful but loving Indy's waybop especially (generations of talent)! I've tried it only once since you published the step out but look forward to trying my hand at the hearted version. A very happy valentine's day to you all! 💘 you are in this tangler's heart!

Lianne said...

Thank you for all your heartfelt words of wisdom and beautiful artworks

ria matheussen said...

I'm always looking for your wonderful blogposts and newsletters, full of inspiration and beautiful work. Thank you very much for again a magic tangle, drawn so nice already by Molly's daughter. Grandmother, mother and daughter tangling together, that is fantastic!

Carole Ohl said...

Love Love Love!!

Prairie Kittin said...

With ART, Earth would just be EH

Anonymous said...

Heart also has the word HEARt -- listening with one's heart, listening from the HEARt to oneself, listening to one's intuition -- all very zentanglish.

Unknown said...

These are wonderful! I love to read the stories on the blog. Very inspiring.