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Thursday, February 3, 2011

A Cake

A Zentangle-inspired cake, that is!

When we were at the Craft & Hobby Association show in Los Angeles, Tina Christensen of Cafe Crop showed us this picture of a cake her mother made.

Her mom made it to celebrate her daughter's store's first anniversary.

Nice tangle recipe!

Click image for larger view.


Diana Hirsch said...

Wow. It's amazing to see how versatile Zentangling is. how casual it can be used and in what context. My imagination buzzes at this!

Joni said...

It's too beautiful to cut into and eat, although it looks yummy. One never knows where the next zentangle inspired item will show up. Proof that zentangle inspires the imagination!

Kit @ Dreamscribe said...

Just brilliant!

Anonymous said...

The cake was even more beautiful in person! and delicious!