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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Ensemble C-05

Bette Abdu, CZT [email] coordinated a sharing among CZTs using one of our Ensemble Sets. Bette wrote:
There were two groups who participated in the CZT Ensemble exchange I hosted in November/December.

In Group 1-9 people completed all 9 tiles of Ensemble set L-05

In Group 2-9 people completed all 9 tiles of Ensemble set C-05

All tiles were sent to me and each participant received back an ensemble that included their own #1 tile and one tile each from the other participants in their group. The results were outstanding! I'm sure more of my students will become enthralled with the Ensemble concept when they see my completed Ensembles.
All sets sent to me were photographed before swapping out the tiles. All swapped out sets were photographed too.

Mary Ann Scheblein-Dawsonhas organized these photos and uploaded them. Thank you Mary Ann!

Hope you'll enjoy our eye candy.
Here are images of Group Two's C-05 Ensemble set.

This gives you a good idea of CZTs' passion and creativity. It also is a good reminder of an Ensemble's value as a group Zentangle activity.

Learn more about Ensembles here.

See our Certified Zentangle Teacher (CZT) list here.

Thank you Bette, Mary Ann, and all who participated!

Click images for larger views.


Shelly Beauch said...

All ensembles are certainly enthralling, I truly love this concept of sharing!

Anonymous said...

These are amazing! Thanks for sharing them.