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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Cool Tool

There's a free program out there called zFlick that is great for viewing all of flickr®'s Zentangle-inspired images.

Type in "zentangle" and (the appropriately named) zFlick organizes these images in page after mosaic page of rounded corner square tiles. (These images below are just screen shots, they don't do anything.)

Roll your cursor over any image and to enlarge it.

Click on an image to see it full-size.

From zFlick's website:
zFlick is a free Adobe® AIR™ application for viewing and saving photos from the Flickr service.
It's a simple download from two established names.

On a side note, although I'm enjoying it on my PC, I couldn't load it on Maria's Apple.

If you decide to download it, please let us know what you think.

Edit - 2/18/2011
We are grateful to the developer of zFlick for making the necessary changes for everything to go smoothly. I just installed zFlick on Maria's Mac and she's been enjoying wandering through Flickr's Zentangle galleries.

Enjoy these two YouTubes from Kit Murdoch in Australia.

This one shows how she installed it.

This second one shows how she uses it and includes some helpful tips.

Thanks, Kit!

Click images for screen shot size views.


Ildiko said...

yes,it looks cool,but it would be cool if we could download it.i get an error message all the time...

Joni said...

I can't get it to download either, I keep getting an error message. It looks really cool.

Marthann's Musings said...

I would love, love love this, but, I too get an error message?? Any suggestions to remedy this problem.

- byrd said...

Make that four error messages. Good to know it wasn't just me . . .

Zentangle said...

Harrumph! I thought is was just a Mac thing. When they get it working, I'll mention it in the blog and update it here.


Earl Stokes said...

I got the error message and it said the file was damaged.
I went to
downloaded air
went to
and searched for zflick
result zFlick Unique Image Viewer found and clicked on Download from Publisher "Button"
at http://www.adobe.com/cfusion/marketplace/index.cfm?event=marketplace.offering&offeringid=11740
clicked on Download from Publisher at bottom of first image.
The file works but an update option is offered before anything works.
The updated file works but...
zentangle does not bring results.
tangle brings 5k+ results
variations bring lesser results.
Can not say why zentangle or "Zentangle" does not work!
Perhaps it is still true that Adobe provides lesser results once more for Mac users!
Earl CZT3

cara said...

I downloaded it successfully on my MAC- The error file came up for the 1st provider, but i was successful with the 2nd provider.
The tool is works well and I am overwhelmed by the number of images available-
It is remarkable that the framework of zentangle can be the vehicle for so much individual self expression and how we can all see and represent set patterns so uniquely.
The philosophy of Zentangle is very evident through this tool.
Thanks Rick.

Lois Heinani Stokes said...

Happy to report that after all of Earl's work zFlick works fine on our Mac now. I closed the application and tried again and now a search for zentangle brings 8517 matches. Whispering Success

Dale said...

Thanks for listing this. Fantastic!

Finally managed to download zflick from freemacware. And it works brilliantly! :-) And I'm running Snow Leopard.

Thanks so much.


Jane Monk said...

Wicked Sick (that means good!)
Thanks for sharing

- byrd said...

first provider? Second provider?
Now I AM lost.

Marthann's Musings said...

Does this only work on a Mac, and I am with byrd first provider? second provider? What about PC's

kateri ewing said...

I was getting an error message, too, but followed Earls advice and successfully installed it on my mac. It is FABULOUS!

- byrd said...

OK, I followed Earl's directions and now it works beautifully on my computer (a PC)


Tinkered Art said...

I too had the error message on a mac but DJ's suggestion to try freemacware was what worked it installed no problem. I had already sent off an email to the developer and he did reply - said he'd had not updated the APP in a while but would look into it at notify me by email when it's working on his site again.

Anonymous said...

Hello I am the developer of the ZFLICK application and have received quite a few emails regarding the installation error.

Please revisit www.zflick.net and it should go smoothly.

If not you can get the official AIR Install File at www.zflick.net/zFlick.air


Kit @ Dreamscribe said...

Hi there! I don't know about Macs (well I do, but I don't use one), but I do know PCs. So - just to make it a little easier for everyone - I've just uploaded two videos demonstrating

(a) installing zFlick on a PC (using Windows 7), and
(b) using zFlick

Hope people find them helpful!
Click here to go directly to them in my blog - with written description.

They are also available on YouTube separately:
Installing zFlick
Using zFlick

Have fun with it! I sure have. Thanks Rick for finding it - what a treasure!!

Anonymous said...

I typed in zFlickr in my Google search window. Went to zFlickr.net and downloaded it, without a hitch.

Joy Manoleros said...

Awesome! Is there any way to make it bigger, though? I have a 19" monitor and still can't see it!

Kip said...

Thanks, Kit--this is great!

Shelly Beauch said...

Wacky-doo that's so clever!!

Bette Abdu said...

While I will readily agree that ZFlick is a cool tool I do wonder about the intellectual property rights. I believe that once you post a picture onto Flickr you are giving up your rights -- anyone can down load your pictures. So I guess if you post on Flickr then you are sending your Zentangle out into the world. Can anyone expand on this?
Best regards
Bette Abdu, CZT

Karen said...

I just dowloaded it successfully and its great!

Janis said...

Successful download on first try...took about 45 seconds and put it on my desk top also...
I think looking at other people's art and taking away inspiration from their drawings versus just COPYING their work are two different animals. I'd like to think I inspire someone to work through a tangle if they saw my art, but would be mega unhappy if I saw my work reproduced under another name or with color added! I guess it all comes down to sharing it with the world or holding back, and trusting folks will "place nice" if we put it out there!