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Tuesday, March 15, 2011


In recent weeks we've added substantially to our list of blogs that focus on Zentangle.

Once upon a time, we would announce new additions as we added them. But now we've added so many that if we try to list additions, we're sure to leave someone out.

Please take a moment to enjoy some beautiful Zentangle inspired creativity and passion that is on display in these blogs that you might have missed. They are listed to your right under links.

To everyone posting your Zentangles and telling your stories, thank you so much for sharing your creativity and passion.



Catherine said...

Would love for my blog to be added to this wonderful group of artists -

Claudia said...

Is it possible to add my blog too to this list of wonderful Zentangle artists?

Thanks from a huge Zentangle addict!
(Claudia's World of Zentangles)

Maribeth said...

Great to see there is such a rich universe of Zentangle-related sites out there - and growing!

janie said...

I have a private blog as well as a public blog. Both are filled with my Zentangles. DreamOnAMoonbeam.blogspot.com and tangletangled.com. Please take a look and see if my work stands up to what it takes for a mention or link. I love tangling and have spread the "addiction" to others. Thank you for creating this wonderful art!!