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Friday, March 25, 2011

Zentangles and Llamas

Wendy Hillhouse, CZT from Albemarle, North Carolina (USA), writes:
Just wanted to share a Zentangle adventure. My sister-in-law raises llamas in Colorado. After seeing some of my "tangling" during a family cruise in November she contacted me to see if I had any ideas for some special awards her farm was sponsoring for an upcoming event. The event was the National Western Stock Show that runs for 3 weeks each January in Denver. She was looking for something she could present to the Grand Champion & Reserve Grand Champion in each of the llama classes, 22 awards in all. She wanted the awards to somehow relate to the theme of this year's show, the Wild, Wild West.

I decided to try something I would never have done prior to learning to Zentangle & becoming a CZT. On gold parchment paper I used words that describe or relate to llamas to outline the shape of a llama and then filled in the areas of the body that are typically not shaved short, but left with fiber, with tangles. Above that I traced in the official NWSS logo and brand and added the Grand Champion or Reserve Grand Champion titles in front of the llama. After they were complete I burned the edges of the parchment paper, making them resemble old western posters. My husband, Jeff, then matted and framed them, with the Grand Champions floated on gold mat board & the Reserves floated on silver mat board. We boxed them all up and shipped them to his sister at the show headquarters.

The day she picked them up she called us on her cell and was ecstatic about them. She also said that other "llama people" at the show were talking about how unique and nice they were and how badly they wanted to win one. Afterwards she said they were a huge hit and that a member of the Alpaca association had asked for my contact info because they were interested in getting something done. We've also had a couple of llama ranchers request ones made specifically for their farms/ranches.

I've attached a picture of one of the award winners in the show, as well a picture of one of the finished awards. I just wanted you to know how Zentangles and llamas had ended up together and how much everyone at the show enjoyed them. Thanks so much for giving all of us that are "drawing challenged" the opportunity to create something that others appreciate and enjoy.

Wendy Hillhouse, CZT

Congratulations, Wendy! And thank you for sharing your story and pictures. That award is beautiful. Your story is a great reminder of how empowering Zentangle can be.

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Shirley said...

Being from Colorado and a veteran of riding and participating in the National Western, and, being a big fan of those who raise llamas, alpacas, etc. for their wool and...the spinning and weaving that completes the cycle - this is beautiful. Wonderful way to celebrate llamas and ZT.


Carole Ohl said...

Wow, great story, and beautiful work! Thanks for sharing it!

Sue Clark said...

Beautiful work, Wendy! Living in Colorado, I can tell you that the National Western Stock Show is the biggest stock show there is out west. I love how you captured the theme of the show and how you outlined the llama in words. Thanks for sharing your wonderful work!

Shelly Beauch said...

Love that llama tail and tale!

Daniele OBrien Design said...

Your certificates and story are great. Your Zentangle llama is beautiful wearing your wonderful tangles.

Genevieve said...

This is great. I love llamas. And I never miss an opportunity to share The Llama Song!