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Thursday, March 17, 2011

On the other hand . . .

Laura Harms, CZT, has posted her Challenge #13. Create a Zentangle with your non-dominant hand.

This is something we always recommend people try. Working with your non-dominant hand is a fascinating world to explore. Before our laptops insinuated themselves onto our kitchen table, Maria and I (both righties) would have Sudoku races at breakfast. We'd print two large copies of the same puzzle and then do it up-side-down and left-handed!

Do a web search on "non-dominant hand" and you will find many interesting links. In one of those articles, the writer refers to one step in a non-dominant hand exercise,
Using a pen, pencil, markers, whatever, and, using your non-dominant hand, scribble, draw, doodle or make marks on a piece of paper.
This reminded me of a letter we received from a math teacher in Australia.
"One of my classes had a 2 hour exam today. Two hours for 13 year-olds is a big ask and as expected, they were getting very restless towards the end. One student is notorious for being disruptive and he finished 20 minutes before the end. He started by initially making as many different popping sounds as he could. I gave him a bit of paper and told him to draw. So then he made as much noise as he could by scribbling! So I showed him how to do a Paradox Zentangle. What a transformation! He really went into a zone - and was quiet for the last 20 minutes.

"The Zen stuff really works. Thank you, Rick & Maria!"
Our point is that Zentangle's process of string and predetermined tangles from which to select can contribute significant value to your exploration of non-dominant handed creativity. It's a fascinating field that's worth exploring.

Here's Maria's non-dominant handed Zentangle challenge contribution.

Click image for larger view.


Kit @ Dreamscribe said...

I love this, Maria. Particularly impressed by the dark coloured areas and the beautifully 'targeted' shading - that was the hardest part for me. And... just now and then... resist your dominant urge to keep up with everything (both of you), clear those laptops away, and give the 'kitchen table' a day off. Because upside down Sudoku sounds like fun - and that is important! =)

Terri said...

I've been seeing the non doiminant handed Z's all over blogland. I see a certain vulnerablity to them that is quite appealing. I love the "leaves" towards the outside.

Enthusiastic Artist said...
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Enthusiastic Artist said...

Lovely. I like the stems on the leaves going through a slit. It's interesting how an inate, or learned, sense of composition shows through even if the lines are wobbly. I've seen it in many 'other hand' tiles this week.
(Where's yours, Rick?) :-)

ledenzer said...

I love the non dom challenge. The tangles are unique and fun without the precision we love with the dominant had. Your tangle is still lovely and delicate. You can't lose your signature even with the left!

Shelly Beauch said...

I have been looking out for your non-dominant handed Zentangle Maria, this morning it shone out like rays of sunshine to greet my day!

Heather Victoria Held said...

Amazing! I will have to try it.


Tricia, CZT said...

Lovely tangles.