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Monday, March 14, 2011

CZT-V Pix 6

Name tags can be so predictable. We encouraged everyone at our CZT training to tangle their name tag on its blank side.

After they were varnished, we laid them out to be retrieved. It made for some nice pictures.

Each one so unique and wonderful - just like everyone who attended.

Click images for larger views.


Tricia, CZT said...

Creating these name tags is such a fun seminar tradition... and they are handy to wear to class when teaching!

Anna said...

Just incredible.

carrie ott said...

I must say I didn't want to take mine off after the workshop, so I turned it around and wore it tangle side out on the airplane ride home. :) --carrie CZT5, Atlanta

arts4all said...

Gorgeous!!! Have not tangled on anything besides paper yet, but the continuing series of photos on this blog has me reaching for my .01...... Thanks for sharing and keeping this wonderful art form prospering!!!

Cookie said...

These name tags are cute. They totally fun to do. How large are these tags? Zentangle your first name one one side and your last name on the other side!