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Monday, March 28, 2011

Party! Party!

Two recent Zentangle parties to share.

First, from Lisa Ruschman, CZT in Ohio:
Hello Rick and Maria,

I am so excited to share this with you!

My basement space that is adjacent to my glass studio was just transformed into the perfect Zentangle space (we are calling it the ZenDen) and we had a grand opening/open house last night. It was a huge success, and 4 CZTs attended. (Myself, LaunieMcDevitt, Deb Phelps, and Donna Penfield) About 25 people came, even though we had a freak thunderstorm/hail storm with an inch of hail accumulation, followed by freezing rain an hour before the opening.

We had lots of wonderful food, and we had several different activities for everyone to enjoy.

One table had Zentangle tiles, another table had real eggs and pens to decorate the eggs,

"Zetangle Pysanky" style. The eggs were brown free range organic (for the extra strength of the shells), and blown out before hand.

On the other side of the room was the Zen Sofa - a muslin covered Ikea sofa with fabric pens for everyone to add their favorite Zentangle patterns onto.

We also had the "Golden Tangled Hare" for everyone to add their mark as well. This giant rabbit sculpture is a public art project that benefits the Cleveland Asian community (It is the Chinese Year of the Rabbit).

Jodi from Now and Zen Wellness Studio was there to give hand and arm massages, to remind us to stop and breathe,and to guide us with some yoga stretches when we were getting too intense and tight. She also served her amazing living food smoothie, "The Blue Lemon". We talked her into coming back in the future for a living food cooking class!

Almost every single person who attended signed up for at least one future Zentangle class, and many signed up for every class we had to offer!

It was a lovely evening, and the perfect launch for the new studio space.

Thank you again and again for sharing the gift of Zentangle . It continues to grow and enriches everyone it touches.

I have attached some photos of the evening for you to enjoy

Lisa Ruschman, CZT

Meanwhile, over in Selma, Indiana, Carole Ohl, another CZT from Ohio organized a four-day Zentangle "FloatFest Re-Treat." She has several blog entries on her OpenSeedArts blog about this fun event. Here are a few pictures to entice you to see more.

As of this writing, Carole's FloatFest entries with more pix and great comments are here, here, here and here.

How exciting to hear and see what's coming out of these wonderful events!

Click images for larger views.


Carole Ohl said...

Wow, I am inspired by that ZenDen! What a great name. Love the sofa idea... love all your ideas! I am constantly inspired by the Northern Ohio CZTs! They are an awesome bunch.

Diane Lachance said...

Congratulations Lisa and Carol!! I am sooo happy for you both.

Lisa, you space looks awesome! Sounds like it was a great party in the "ZenDen." Love the name.

Carol, what is floating? The answer is probably right in front of me, but that is never a guarantee that I will see it! :o)
Whatever it is, I am sure I am going to be sorry I had to miss it.

Diane Lachance

Heather Victoria Held said...

It is so exciting to see these inspiring posts. Rick and Maria, it must be so much fun for you to watch the events surround Zentangles unfold.