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Friday, March 4, 2011

CZT-V Pix 3

As we continue our virtual walk along tables full of Zentangle inspired art from our February, 2011, CZT training . . . another veritable feast of visual treats!

These next two images are of pieces created by Christina Vandervlist, CZT, from Burlington, Ontario [email]. Christina happened by as I was taking these pictures.

She explained that both were done in a "Zentangle way" of "one stroke at a time" without knowing in advance what it would look like. The top image is free-hand crewel embroidery with no hoop, done "one stitch at a time." Below that is a freehand beaded bracelet using Zentangle's aura approach, done "one bead at a time."

Thanks again to all who contributed so much, by their presence and by sharing their creations. (Still more to come!)

One more bit . . . Here's a view of our classroom in the retreat center's grand ballroom. Maria's walking around appreciating what everyone's creating.

Click images for larger views.


Carole Ohl said...

It's so nice to see so much fun happening in the world. I just see fun when I look at these photos. Being a beader, I am especially drawn to Christina's pieces. Bead embroidery is so much like Zentangle. It's free-form process allows for lots of beautiful surprises!

stART said...

Oh my goodness - you have no idea how exciting it is to see MY work on YOUR blog... and in THREE photos! I agree with Carole that there's a close relationship in the meditative processes of Zentangle and freeform bead embroidery. I'm still on Cloud CZT and keeping up with my full week of CZT Celebration on my blog. Please note that my email is actually startartblog (at) gmail (dot) com. Thank you for including my work in your round-up; I am honoured!

Heather Victoria Held said...

It is so inspiring to see where this art form is going! I remember the day you introduced it at the Iampeth in Rhode Island! It has caught on like wildfire! So exciting!