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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Floor Finis

Maria finished our back hall floor last night.

She left a pathway to our Backstares Gallery door on the right.

Our decades-old linoleum now looks like beautiful flecked handmade paper!

The mismatched seams, burn marks and scuff marks are all "gone."

We did this project in three stages. Our first blog about this floor describes how we began and materials used. This second blog shows interim progress.

Maria will now add three layers of semi-gloss polyurethane, sanding between coats for a nice patina.

Click images for larger view.


Anonymous said...

Love the floor; but I'm curious -- since Maria obviously could not rotate the tile, how did she accomplish this? Lying on her stomach, on hands and knees (ouch!), bent over (OUCH!)!!


Zentangle said...

It was a bit more challenging on the knees as well as the lack of convenience of not being able to rotate the floor! But if you look carefully, it is not very exact...a bit 'careless looking'..but viewed from 5 feet away (and as a whole) it looks pretty good! It was a fun endeavor and now I don't have to replace my floor. I rather like it better than a new one! But that's just me.........maria

Comet said...

What pen tip, sizes and shapes, did you use?

Scatter said...

Wowza!! It's very obvious that Maria was blessed with not only more talent than me, but also more patience!! This is amazing!

Tinkered Art said...

Wow! Thanks for having the patience to see this through, it's stunning. I'd almost be afraid of walking on it so as not to disturb the beauty.

Zentangle said...

This really did not take very long.. maybe 4 sessions of1/2 hour each....I was working with a pretty big marker. Just don't want everyone to think it took weeks! it will take longer to varnish it! I had to do it in short increments because of my knees! best, maria

revbyrd said...

This makes me wish I had an old floor somewhere to tangle.

Jane Monk said...

Lovely Maria - want to come to Australia to do mine? Jane x

Zentangle said...

Would be honored, Jane! Always wanted to visit your beautiful country. maria

Dean C. Stinson said...

I love how this works! This is truly a great place to add the tangle!

Thanks for sharing.

Dean C. Stinson

Gail said...

This goes beyond awesome. Thanks for sharing.